TaylorMade R9 Driver

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HeadHunter92294 says:

This seems like a waste of money, If you are hitting slice/hook just do
some more practicing and get your swing in order, also I do hear that the
weight system doesn’t affect your shot as much as the correctness of your
swing, I have a 2006 R7 Draw and it cost way less than the R9 and I hit it
very very well


this driver looks great. i had the r7 in two models and now i have the new
burner but now i want this r9.

Esaias Maeva says:

oh and the ball hits straight when i keep it on R setting. . BOO YAAAA.. i
never hit a golf ball til last week. looked like a amateur, but after this
club i look like every other guy standing on a mat. idk if this club works
for anyone, but i at least speak for myself when i say this driver works.
im getting the R11 next for free. i cant wait!!!!

Gyro911 says:

This is stupid just hit the damn ball and shape the shot with proper

deucealldaylong says:

I am to. There is a lot of good pics and info on GolfWRX . The thread shows
a bunch of good tips.

cgasucks says:

I’m not arguing with you with that one…the R9 is the probably the most
used club on tour…but mostly because they were paid to do so…like they
did way back when the 300 series came out…but still there’s some players
that use drivers that are discontinued because it works for them…

BB TR says:

i getting mine for free

MrYogibear88 says:

pull the shaft out of the head. thats got to hurt.

Esaias Maeva says:

i lucked out, know somebody thats works for taylor and they gave this club
too me for free.. now i hit the ball from 250 to well over 305. ive only
been playing for a week, i should have played golf instead of football in
college haha. thank you TAYLORMADE 😉

penguinbmx says:

Is the motore shaft stock for reg or tp?

baseballjock30 says:

i have the r9 and i consistently catch the ball square in the face but
everytime i come through the ball the impact feels like im catching the
ball thin… could this be the club or just my swing?

Th3EliteGam3r says:

opening the face face lofts it to 10.5

rattlers678 says:

not everyone is going to use the same club….. im pretty sure its the most
used driver on the tour.

sicknastygolf says:

lol i found an r9 driver with its headcover stuck to apricker bush on a
trial at my local golf course

pmc820 says:

pre ordered!! i can’t wait!

cgasucks says:

“The most advanced driver Taylormade ever made” That’s what they said when
the R5 series came out..


i want a r9 sooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeftyLP80 says:

these things are making golf less of a sport….i think you should be able
to draw the ball without fancy drivers

Klistern2 says:

I bought this driver, have never changed it from neutral, whats the point
in changing the head settings if you cant do it for every club in the bag,
fix your swing first. The settings are really just a gimmick, trying to
trick people into thinking it will improve their game, itll probably just
confuse you even more lol, also its kind of stiff near the head.

devendra mohan says:

this is is very useful video

d4nnydud3122 says:

just pull out a classic wooden wood for fuck’s sake!

Kieran Cremin says:

R9 is class. Super club. I gained around 30 yards from my old driver which
was an R360 which was made illegal coz u cud hit it so far. It looks savage
as well. im really happy with it. Best driver iv ever hit.

2xchrome says:

I crush balls with the new r9 460. Awesome club. NU setting dialed me in
perfect. Best money I ever spent, well I once bought a coffee from irvine
coffee and that was pretty good too!

xtrememachead says:

Its not that durable if you hit it far… I went and Demo-d one and it
broke the shaft sleeve… The Super Quad goes further..

lynch390 says:

In my opinion, it’s a nice sound. Would you say it’s one of the best
drivers out?. For $325 CA, is that good?

Douglas Tönnesen says:

this is not long? i’d say it’s the longest driver from tee on the market.

Holiver31 says:

yes i mean hole by hole,,my bad

lynch390 says:

This driver is definitely better.

rattlers678 says:

duh, it keeps getting better. its called business.

MacManLtd says:

I’m sooo excited for this driver, I didn’t expect Nick Faldo to do the
demonstration. He did a good job though.

Kieran Cremin says:

youre not very clever are you? lol

ghettokaiba says:

Our clubs are merely replicas of what they use on tv.

Ben Kisla says:

can you change the loft(10.5 to 9.5??

dijkstra14 says:

I;m going to buy this one!! I’m going to buy a whole new set this year, and
this will be my master piece, what amazing technology!!!

ghettokaiba says:

Thats not true and not that simple.When the pro’s have their clubs made
they have a team of engineers and scientist add weights and make
adjustments based on physics to correct their flaws.They want us to believe
it’s that simple.

Holiver31 says:

no its not pointless,,,the whole point of the weights is to customize it to
your swing, not to change it whole by whole. Which yes would be illegal

Kieran Cremin says:

get it. its like hitting a cannon off the tee.

HeadHunter92294 says:

hole by hole you mean.

bRunOO69 says:

guys remember that the club can not be adjusted or modified in anyway in
rcga or usga tournaments … so technically its poitles for the weights but
a very solid club i love it!

lynch390 says:

It’s an expensive driver. But me being not a huge golfer, and working at a
golf course, he gave it to me for $325.00. I figured Taylormade was the
best option. I also get free golf, which helps.

EVH4President09 says:

the nike str8 fit is a lot better and more cheap the r9 is still a good
club though

italianmafia100 says:

Or you could just move your feet lol It seems like a pain trying to adjust
it all the time and someone will prob forget its set to the left and tee of
and it will go into the forest

LeftyLP80 says:

@sicknastygolf did you take it and keep it?

johnno tub says:

A very very over priced driver that wont improve your ability at all.. Dont
be fooled into thinking better equipment will make you a better golfer.. if
yr set up and swing are improved you’ll do fine with an average driver. Yr
money would be better spent on some golf lessons.

cgasucks says:

Tell that to Retief Goosen…who’s still using an R7 Superquad…tell that
to KJ Choi who’s using an R7 Ltd…tell that to Loren Roberts who’s still
using an R5 Series driver…duh…

sterbens sterbstein says:

anytime you buy a driver stick with cobra taylormade cause they are the
best made to improve your game and will last longer you can never go wrong
with either ping and nike you will go wrong with and jazz golf are
reasonable clubs and are really good quality for an advance beginner or
ladies or even a middle intermediate

paulmichel2k1 says:

these driver sucks i hit my r7 super squad way buter thene the r9 is it me
or the driver u tell me

supertommy33 says:

the nike sq dymo str8-fit driver is the same exact thing and i lioke it
better 🙂 and its half the price!!!!!

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