TaylorMade RBZ RocketBallz Fairway

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TaylorMade RBZ RocketBallz Fairway reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA Professional AskGolf Guru. Watch the TaylorMade RBZ RocketBallz fairway wood in action as Mark hits the strong fairway. The speed slot on the bottom allows the RocketBallz fairway to deliver max distance from the face with strong swings. TaylorMade are nor afraid to push the envelope when it comes to it's golf equipment and the RBZ is really trying to push. Post comments and let Mark know what you think about the RBZ fairway wood from TaylorMade and don't forget to subscribe if you like Mark's videos.

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Ryan S. says:

I absolutely love this club, it has completely replaced my driver

Louth18 says:

Hi Mark, many thanks for reviewing this club.I just picked one up about
four hours ago and went straight to the range and I have never (and I mean
never) hit a 3 wood so well before. 24 handicap.

Angel Marti says:

Love your videos. May you make a video of the Taylormade ATV Wedge? Please.
I am curious to hear your opinion on it. Thank you.

flightman515 says:

I bought this club, after using the adams original tight lies for a long
time, it’s a lil hard to hit but goes long!!!

farrowrichard says:

could you please do a RBZ hybrid review

_ OfficialTheLittleChef _ says:

Check out my swing and comment

2xtrbo says:

The first club I won’t buy just because of the name. I draw the line at
stupidity, even if I gain a yard or two.

Henrik Frigstad says:

can you make a video where you compare the nike vr_s irons against the nike
vr pro combo

FriedFifa7 says:

@4golfonline will you do an in the bag

failandprevail says:

It’s not copying Nike’s compression channel, more the Adams speed/velocity
slot. Hence, Taylormade buying Adams.

fullwerkes says:

@Esoxfan I must admit it is true. They are good reviews but there are never
any negatives in any of them really. Makes the decision making much harder.
Reviews can be more interesting if show how accurate they are as a club or
ball spin comparisons or yardage comparisons.

Ryan Tolomeo says:

RB zed

ascottzone says:

could you do a review on the rbz driver compared to the previous 2.0
version? that would be great because i am currently deciding which one to
get but my local american golf doesn’t sell the 2.0. thanks 🙂 !

施 智偉 says:

I really suggest you just hit the it without so many description You can
describe it after

petereuropa says:

Today 2nd Sept. Time 1:27 pm. Sergio Garcia will start the 4th round on
Deutsche Bank. Is he the Winner? I purchased one yesterday.

The BobbY EXTRA CRAN! says:

would like to thank you and all those that have posted videos of their
swings. your reviews and tips have really improved my swing and overall
confidence at address! keep up the great work!

howiya b says:

im going to order the rbz 3 wood im off 9 and not sure if i should get the
13 degree or 15 degree i use 8 degree driver i have a very high ball
flight? cheers

Inimitable Hill says:

Vrs against this rbz

trashboat1237 says:

I think TaylorMade just tries too hard sometimes

Qland21 says:

@TheElitePoop so that indicates me that your playing with top flite xl2000
balls. Tour edge suck bro…big time…sorry to break the news to you


I´d also be intrested in seeing how the RBZ compares to the old Mizuno
Titanium Fairway wood. TBH i think there really is not much difference in
the CB4, VR-S and the RBZ with exactly the same specs as they are probably
all close to max COR (you have to realize the shaft in the RBZ is LOOONG
for a FW) – so all the buzz is probably just because TM shouts out the

lilgriff123 says:

have you hit the tour version mark ?


Might trade in my R11 3Ti for this. Going to find somewhere with it in
stock and give it a try.

cubsrock10997 says:

same. i ended up going with the burner 2.0 fairway and driver because i hit
them just as good and they were cheaper =)

J3LITZHD says:

I love this club ! I use is just as much as my driver. It really goes a lot
further than your average 3 wood. Its magnificent.

Henrik Frigstad says:

@alfiepoloshea nooo!

Callaway1096 says:

Do a comparison between that and the 910f or 910d3 vs your Nike driver

Juan Pablo Salazar says:

It would be nice to see a comparison on trackman between the rbz and the

Jordan H says:

i have them and im a low handicap and they are awsome! very forgiving and
easy to hit, such a great club along with the driver

Lziffle73 says:

I tried it, even bought it for 2 days, along with a 3 hybrid. I though the
head was too light, I couldn’t feel where it was in my swing. Also the
graphics on the shaft below the grip drove me nuts. They weren’t worth all
the hype. I’ll stick with my old burner fairways and hybrid. They were
further, but i live at 5000ft. elevation and already hit my 3 wood 300 yds
off the tee. I dont need the extra yardage, I’d rather have a club that
gives me confidence.

Gdell1021 says:

who cares what the name is… it could be called “the worst club ever”….
if i hit it well, it will damn sure be in the bag 😉 lol

Mark Crossfield says:

@exettFoShO not sure i do love the 650 fairway to review coming soon.

bebo7002 says:

What a rip off of the adams velocity slot, taylormade is to overrated

organicwest says:

You need to get some Adams in your reviews!!!

Daveluds says:

Buying this club at weekend having hit my mates- impressive club, great
distance and sound! Just now debating whether to o for RBZ irons or the
burner 2.0!?! Was going to go RBZ crazy buying the stand bag etc but your
video comparing the two sets of irons has really made me think!! Anyone
offer any help choosing?

fenderboy34 says:

hey mark, great review! could u compare the regular rbz to the rbz tour

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