TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Fairway RocketBallZ

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TaylorMade RBZ 3 Wood RocketBallZ reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. PGA professional Mark Crossfield hits the TaylorMade RBZ stage two fairway and talks you through some of its features. With the speed slot and longer length shaft the Stage 2 RBZ fairway will offer distance and hopefully some level of control.


Richard C says:

The RBZ gives you 239yds carry and you say (at 4:10) that this is your
average. I hate to bring this news to you Mark, but in a later video
(Callaway XHot 3 Deep Fairway test) you say your average carry with your
Ping G25 3 wood is 222yds or thereabouts. I think your giving this club a
great dis-service. You have your missing 17yds.
I don’t like the look either but if it sits well behind the ball is long
and forgiving then it’s surely a contender.

Butch Haskins says:

I just recently bought the RBZ three wood and I really like the look and
feel of the club. Like Mark I have not seen the extra yardage; however I
do like the consistency of this club. Great Reviews Mark, keep em coming.

chuckyz2 says:

Be honest. 240 on a cold day is at least 25 yards longer than your 3 wood.
Such a hater.

crispybacon501 says:

I think you missed the point with this review due to your resentment of
TM’s marketing dept. I had a titleist 910f which I really struggled to hit
consistently. I tried the stage 2 along with a ping g25 and a titleist 913f
and it won hands down. I was hitting it the furthest, straightest and most
consistently out of the lot. Swing it a bit harder and you’ll get your
17yds ;-)

Dean Swanton says:

I really enjoy Mark’s videos. I recently upgraded my 3 wood from the
original white head 2.0 to the RBZ Stage 2. I do not buy new clubs because
of the way a company advertises. Taylormade is way over the top when it
comes to that. Here we have a player who looks like he just stripes it and
he is carrying the 3 wood about the same distance as the 3 wood he uses.
With that being said I do believe I am hitting the Stage 2 further than my
old 3 wood and I love the sound off the face on a well struck shot. I am
not a big fan of Taylormade irons or anything else they produce but when it
comes to woods they are definitely the company you have to take a look at

MrAdventuresProject says:

would you recomend this club for forgiveness ?

Marc Davis says:

Literally added 50 yards to my game. Easy to hit and induces confidence. I
hit it just as far as my driver. I would recommend for anybody. 

Brody Vecera says:

I absolutely hate the new taylor made drivers, woods and hybrids. The irons
are good. The design of new woods are terrible. The feel is terrible. Even
with an extra 10 yards or whatever taylor made says it would not be worth
it to me. I have had a callaway hybrid since 2008 that has performed just
as good, feels better and looks better. 

Glenn Q says:

Love the videos, but the stereo microphone may be doing more harm than
good… Your vocals are biased to the Left channel.

volc0m13987 says:


Casey Woodard says:

Still iffy on how much I like my r11s fairway, might sell it and buy this

ch44yuan says:


Selwyn Rees says:

Just purchased the Stage 2 HL. It goes like a rocket off of the tee,just
short of my R11 driver. But still struggling off of the turf. Possibly
because the grass is lying flat at the moment and i am unable to get any
height with my fairway shots.

Nai Thrillser says:

Cleveland Fl 3 Wood over any new Woods i have hit. Such a classic look,
sound, and feel.

TheCodejuice says:

I actually ordered this club and a hybrid from them. They felt great, but
the rest of their clubs are complete shit 🙂

Alex Oakley says:

I agree completely with Mark Taylormade’s marketing is waaay over the top
but the clubs are great so you have to kind of just ignore it and hit the
clubs and make your own mind up I have mostly Taylormade and the clubs I
have are great including the RBZ 3 wood which is great and the 19 degree
hybrid which is fantastic but they won’t be everyone

Ben Jordan says:

I have an RBZ Driver at 10.5* and just got this 3 wood and hit it the same
distance, into the wind the 3w goes further about 260-270 yards. Amazing
really. 250m with 3wood and 260m with driver if I’m going balls out.

choimi1 says:

Lol….”I’m still owed 17 yards from last year.”

Rick Peters says:

Can we see the new Callaway driver and fairway metals please ? Thank you.

Brian Simpson says:

Mark, love the videos! Most useful when you compare new clubs to your own
baseline via trackman – as you did here.

neova2 says:

I have the R11s 3-wood and tried the RBZ ands Stage 2 and only gained 5
yard carry but about 15 total yards so it’s close to TM’s claim. But I
don’t want my 3-wood to roll that Miu as I use it to hit off the deck tfot
long approach so a higher launch softer landing 3-wood works better for me,
not the RBZ/Stage2 that launches like a driver replacement

Paybacksoon says:

I just turned 65 and decided to buy this driver as a present to myself. My
handicap is around 12. I am not as long as I used to be, but with the new
RBZ driver I am getting about 260 – 270 yds. off the tee. It really helps
when I am able to hit shorter irons into the green.

ricksterps says:

The second ball that you “went after” was a range ball so hitting it 240
(the same distance as the real golf ball before it) means you actually got
probably 15 extra yards off of it.

AJCgolf says:

Mark, in your 3 wood off the deck video from a good while ago now you say
you aim 5-7 yards left because your 3 wood tends to drift for you. I’m just
wondering if this is still the case?

djtherap says:

Can you compare this to the 913FD?

The Mad Rapper says:

looks to me on the video, the rbz 1 is about the same as the rbz 2.

thesaunders8 says:

I’ll stick to my r11 3 wood.

Loconte Vocals says:

I absolutely love the RBZ Stage 2 5 Wood…. the feeling I get with the
club is insane I have been hitting it about 250 I love it.

4everDodgerfan says:

Love these TaylorMade RBZ’s. I have the rescue RBZ’s

Usman Khan says:

I tried this wood yesterday. The paint job while looks unattractive, it did
helped me align the ball better. For a guy who struggles with fairway woods
I was striking them extremely well! So well that I am actually planning to
buy one in a month or so time after I have my swing in a better shape after
winter lay-off (and cash in the kitty). According the track man I was
hitting 3W same distance as my R7 driver (~270 yards). May be I’d finally
have to buy a new driver too then 😀

Tim Lloyd says:

Callaway Xhot is the best fairway wood in the market

MrSamsonpants says:

Mark, Despite what the guys in the Marketing Department at Taylor Made tell
us, Is there really much of a difference between the Stage 1 RBZ 3 wood and
the Stage 2? Prices of the Stage 1 have plummeted, Is it worth the extra
for the Stage 2? Thanks.

Ashton B says:

I’m really not sure what is up with TaylorMade. When I was demoing drivers
and 3 woods I absolutely hated the shafts to no end so that was a no for
me, but even in the distance category I could still hit my G20 3 Wood 250
on average. The farthest hit I got with G20 3 wood was 275 and RBZ was 267,
so I guess it’s all in the shaft and swing to actually get that extra

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