TaylorMade Rocket Bladez Tour Titleist AP2 Irons

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TaylorMade Rocket Bladez Tour Titleist AP2 Irons reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru and PGA professional. Mark hits the two better players irons and talks about the differences between them. The Titleist AP2 as used by many club and tour golfers up against the TaylorMade RocketBladeZ Tour. Will the Rocket Bladez tour with its speed slot be the iron to help you hit more greens or will the AP2 with its history be a better choice for your golf game.


Caleb McGuire says:

can u compare titleist ap2 against RSi2

ewan preedit says:

14 years old playing off a 2, with a 96 mph swing with a 7 iron. the tm
tour blades are great for someone with a consistent swing and a bit more
workable than the ap2’s if you are looking to hit draws and fades and not
even worrying about hitting a str8 shot. The ap2’s seem a bit harder to do
anything other than a high draw unless of course you over over confiscate
and that loses distance.
The tm irons are also a bit easier to control tradjectory and thus making
it easier to control distance as well as being easier to hit if you hit the
ball a groove or two higher than the average low handicap. Hope this was
helpful, 🙂 !!!

sakimano says:

That preshot is maddening

Justin Wash says:

I love taylormade i have ap2 i love them they are great club but i am a big
distance hitter if i could own two sets of irons i would play with both!!!!

Mark Infamous says:

Well… Im off to buy some TM Tour irons!!! Thanx for the video Mark.

i0b0xx says:

Watched the reviews you put up mark and tried the S55, rocketbladez tour
and 714 AP2. Had a prelim fitting for the 712 but wanted to try the
others…the TM tour irons launched too high for me which was a surprise, I
played the TM MC irons previously and after all the fittings on flights
cope/trackman it came down to two irons…AP2 or S55, the S55 are an
awesome club but it just came down to feel for me. Eventually went for the
712 AP2 as I couldn’t see any difference in the numbers with the 714 plus
it saved a slight amount!! I’m loving them though and defo the best irons
I’ve had.

jmezr1 says:

Thanks. I ordered rbadez tour stiff KBS and can’t wait to try them out.
Hopefully I won’t regret not being fitted but I got such a good deal I
couldn’t pass it up. Maybe when I have some money I can get analized to see
if its an issue but I just wanted to say that I very much enjoy your
videos. I have learned quite a bit from you and trust your advice most of
all these YouTube helpers. Appreciate all the tips,I tell everyone to check
you out. You’re welcome 🙂 

Mox_au says:

is the tour a synthetic clippy feel or more solid?

shiva times says:

what about the weight of the club…

patterson9398 says:

……..and why is this relevant???

♠ SephirothXTR ♣ says:

Because hes used to it.. Sergio garcia uses the tour ones so does justin
rose, and dustin johnson..

Heath Brindley says:

spent some time looking and trying various clubs and now settled on a combo
set of bladez tour and tour MB taylormade … and i would have said i was
one of the last people who would go TM as i hate the white drivers and get
annoyed by their marketing. But the look, feel and performance has made me
eat humble pie .. keeping my Titleist 910 driver though 🙂

Trey Brandt says:

Yes, but you have to admit their marketing schemes are pretty annoying.

Daniel Cordes says:

I totally agree, I wont buy anything from TM anymore, really dislike their
marketing approach

skolodny1025 says:

@Josh O’Callaghan Spoiled much?

thompat68 says:

Hey Mark! Love your videos.I have been watching for more than a year. I was
wondering if you can suggest the equivalent Mizuno club to the 2 you are
comparing in this video. I am about an 18 handicap playing for nearly six
years, but a friend that shots in the 70’s is working with me and my swing
is getting grooved in. I currently hit Taylormade OS2 game improvement
clubs and want to get something i bit more of a player club. Thanks Allen

Xander kiddo says:

I’m a 6 handicap player, and I’m getting new clubs,but I’m not sure which
irons to buy. Could you give me any suggestions?

HSOPPharmD says:

I have Mizuno mp59s now..and went to hit the Bladez tour after seeing
this…OMG! Im a 4 hcp, My mishits are usually on the toe, and while the
59s hide those mishits as best as they can (losing maybe 7-10 yards) the
rocketbladez lost no noticable distance. I could feel that I mishit it, but
it kept a playable trajectory (higher by 2 degrees over 59s) and distance
(5-7 yards over 59s). Going to get fitted this weekend for the Bladez to
see if i can find a perfect fit. Thanks for the video!!

Klein Music says:

Claim Claim Claim Claim Claim

sidecar771 says:

Brand allegiances, not alliances…sheesh!

cactusgolf says:

Difference in TM RBT and Titleist AP2? The AP2s won’t be worth $200 after
you buy them.

zibby43 says:

With all due respect, unless you’re a scratch golfer, I doubt you’d really
notice the difference between a forged club and a cast one. Even then, you
might be hard pressed to tell the difference.

Michael Sutton II says:

The Ap2’s with PXi shafts are Butter. Try them!

Masterrumann says:

No way! Haha before I saw this vid of yours mark I actually just left
goldsmith checking out those two!

MrMoho47 says:

i have just started golf and have a low budget to get clubs do u recomend
any cheap but good golf clubs

heiney69 says:

cuz tour preferred is for better players its like a cadillac cts vs a
cadillac cts-v

blackburnr0615 says:

Rocketbaldez vs titleist AP1

thompat68 says:

Never mind I found your comparisons with AP2 and Mizuno MP5958. Thanks!

Tommy Mohs says:

I have the AP2’s and I picked them because I love Titleist and I hate
Taylormade’s marketing gimmicks

yubin83 says:

@Rob_Logan Mark will probably get more yards with the rocketballz(standard
not tour) because the standard has a longer shaft and stronger lofts.

johnbean09 says:

Hi mark ive watched lots of your youtube videos im a big fan of them they
are very helpful and i was just wondering If you had to put only golf make
in your bag that’s driver, fairway woods, hybrid, irons, wedges and putter
what would it be. Many thanks john

Lucas Lee says:

its not about the brand or cosmetics. About playing good golf. 😀

Dominic Edwards says:

Mark I’ve recorded my swing and when I come into impact I lift my stance
up, what am I doing wrong thanks good videos

Marc Halberstam says:

I don’t understand how you can say TM copied Titleist, then say that the TM
iron is fractionally better. Can you compare the Mizuno MP64 against the

Joel Magnusson says:

Mark, which club is in your bag?

Adam Steltz says:

lol very well said. I have hit just about every club on the market today to
try and find the ones i liked best. took me about 4 months, i finally came
to a concludion between the Mizuno jpx pros and the AP2s. looked at price,
and found a set of preowned ap2s 3,4,6,7,8,W, all still in plastic, for one
hell of a price. which made my decision easier . but honestly i couldnt
feel a difference between the JPX pros, and the AP2s my choice came down to
price, everyone hits every club differently…

jashton9 says:

Mark, I’m liking the new shoes! What are they?

coopstraub2 says:

It seemed like he made up his mind before he even tried them

JJsGolf33 says:

Mark have you ever tried the old mp-37s??

dave97red says:

Good comparison. Trying to make choice between Mizuno, Ping, Titleist at
moment never considered Taylormade!

1Hyk says:

I respect and enjoy how Mark approaches equipment from the feel point of
view and sometimes comes to surprising verdicts. I mean design-wise these
two irons – one forged with tungsten insert, one cast with slotted sole –
could hardly be more different.

warmtoast1 says:

How’s the softness? The ap2 is forged and the rbz tour are cast. What’s the
difference in feel?

JAG sixtyfive says:

Off subject Mark, but those Adidas shoes you have on, how are you finding
them, as far as Comfort is concerned? I have been thinking about buying
them for a while now.

Joshzilla1979 says:

Thanks for the review. I loved my 710 AP2 set. My father is interested in
the ROcketbladez Tour so I am glad that he will be getting a good club!

theMANxGOLFER says:

I found the distance difference to show up more in the long irons between
these 2 clubs. The rocketbladez 3 iron is 19 degrees of loft while titleist
is 21 degrees. The shaft length is actually less in the 3 iron in the
rocketbladez tour by 1/4 inch which is interesting. I found 60.5 degrees
was upright. I didn’t notice it until putting the indicating tape on the
club. Rocketbladez Tour went further with the same strike and swing. I use
it for my driving iron.

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