TaylorMade RocketBallz Fairway Fitting with Dustin Johnson

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00Phat12345 says:

he should try and ‘smoke it’ every shot, rather than pussy out of it at the
17th and 18th at royal Liverpool and do me out of my fucking each way bet
you mother fucker.

Jack Blair says:

lol im going to smoke it, like the drugs too dj?

Censed Jaguar says:


Cheekz2938 says:

um……no. The color appears different because it is on a ball tracking
camera. Look at the other colors, they just look a little different

mik3yl3 says:

taylormade…the PGA might outlaw these clubs. lol it’s as if you’re using
“game genie” out there haha!

Uriel Olmos says:

its called Flightscope X2,,,,cost 11grand

Ben Steele says:

funny how he twirls his club after every shot

Ferdinando Monitto says:

I think that he can hit his driver even near to 400 yards,but he never hit
it 100%.

chakenfangersaregood says:

more accurately? haha Bubba can hit shots not even tiger can do, he won the
masters also……… so whats your point?

pearsonator123 says:

@doughseph1 what have they stolen? examples?

Ben Steele says:

I went to test these clubs and there pretty much a early 2000’s era driver
that are like 350cc, no wonder they go so far

jbboom52 says:

if he hits a 3 wood that far he’d hit his driver like 360…thats bs

brainysnaeha says:

It’s closed by 3 degrees not open. I hit big hook every time.

RaideNNx11 says:

0:40 sounds like the ball hits the sound barrier xD

TheJimmyNewc says:

I ordered taylormade and they measured, 3 up irons and 54 deg and 60 deg
wedges. Anyway, 2 up and 54 was 58 and the 60 was 63. Mark King…go fuck

Cheekz2938 says:

I just watched a video of him using the R11 and he was hitting it the same
distance with a driver as he is here with a 3-wood.

RastaGolfer says:

Please go to my channel for more information.

soxx4 says:

it’s because they made the ball flight it looks like that

sgartland4304 says:

@golfinggod95 331 with a driver is ridiculous haha

David Schultz says:

RESULTS BASED ON TRACKMAN WITH A ROLL MODEL. quit getting so bent out of
shape from the yardages. the guys on tour are playing courses with tighter
fairways than most of your muni’s greens.

agfi88 says:

That was smaaashed

TheArfdog says:

Who cares? Props to TM for finding the new recipe for this wood. Damn it
hits nice.

Martin Westerlund says:

he doesn´t need a driver, just another threewood…

Tyler Brown says:

Taylor Made has officially derailed. Steal technology from Adams and Nike
and then call it Rocketballz? WTF?

FattestTrollAUS says:

he is wearing a red cap and when he hits it changes to an orange one… lol
nice try

tigerswede3 says:

Nice club, but these things aren’t even 3 woods anymore. This was the
driver of the 90’s… same length shaft, same size head, similar lofted
face, with more MOI. Put that in the hands of a long hitter, and you’re
going to get over 300 yrds anyway.

metamurph says:

when I first saw this product name I thought it was an update to the Burner
ball line, not to the club line. The balls could be RocketBallZ but clubs
are balls…they are Launchers. I think these could be RocketLauncherZ if
you want. Love the concept, not sold on the branding. Have to say that I
had a rental set of Nike’s with “velocity slot” and that concept definitely
provides benefits to all users because off center hits go better, balls of
center jump.

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