TaylorMade RocketBallz Fairway Fitting with Dustin Johnson

TaylorMade adidas Golf Tour Staffer Dustin Johnson hits RocketBallz 3-wood for the first time (shot with a Protracer camera)

27 thoughts on “TaylorMade RocketBallz Fairway Fitting with Dustin Johnson

  1. he should try and ‘smoke it’ every shot, rather than pussy out of it at the
    17th and 18th at royal Liverpool and do me out of my fucking each way bet
    you mother fucker.

  2. I ordered taylormade and they measured, 3 up irons and 54 deg and 60 deg
    wedges. Anyway, 2 up and 54 was 58 and the 60 was 63. Mark King…go fuck

  3. RESULTS BASED ON TRACKMAN WITH A ROLL MODEL. quit getting so bent out of
    shape from the yardages. the guys on tour are playing courses with tighter
    fairways than most of your muni’s greens.

  4. Nice club, but these things aren’t even 3 woods anymore. This was the
    driver of the 90’s… same length shaft, same size head, similar lofted
    face, with more MOI. Put that in the hands of a long hitter, and you’re
    going to get over 300 yrds anyway.

  5. when I first saw this product name I thought it was an update to the Burner
    ball line, not to the club line. The balls could be RocketBallZ but clubs
    are balls…they are Launchers. I think these could be RocketLauncherZ if
    you want. Love the concept, not sold on the branding. Have to say that I
    had a rental set of Nike’s with “velocity slot” and that concept definitely
    provides benefits to all users because off center hits go better, balls of
    center jump.

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