TaylorMade RocketBallz RBZ Hybrid

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TaylorMade RBZ Hybrid rescue reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the speed slot hybrid/rescue from TaylorMade golf. The RocketBallz RBZ line has made a huge impact on golfer minds, often making people think they can hit the ball further if they use a RBZ golf club. Mark talks about the golf club in real and understandable terms to help you make the best choice for your golf.

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Mitchell Goldstein says:

The rbz is the only thing left on the shelves. It’s not a likable club and
difficult to hit. 

Paul G Koehler Jr says:

I find the 5 Hybrid very difficult to hit, whereas the 5 iron is my best
club in the bag. I feel that the head of the hybrid is heavy. The ball
always goes left yet I’m constantly a straight ball hitter. any

MrSteeezy13 says:

superfast 2.0

MrStianw says:

Hi Mark, First of all, i must say that i love your videos. Both the “swing
fixes” and the equipment testing. I used to struggle a little with my
sving, coming over the top etc.. Due to not having a big wallet at the
time, i found alot of help through your videos. This has helped me becoming
a pretty decent golfer, and this weekend i’m actually playing in a regional
tournament. Hopefully i someday i can send you a video of my swing. (dont
have iphone atm) Cheers from norway, Stian

David Thomas says:

Mark: can you do a video comparing this to the mizuno jpx 800. I guess they
are aimed at the same level of hacker as me.

tommy605 says:

When you test the clubs, check the loft. I understand that Talormade has
done some “trickery” with the lofts. For example, their 4 iron carries
almost the same loft as the standard 3 iron, which is where the extra
yardage comes in. go to the TM website and compare lofts, and you’ll see
what I mean. AT the end of the day, you have to try the clubs yourself. I
liked the feel of the cobra better, well, actually the Adams,l but they
didn’t have the loft I wanted in a leftie, so I went with 2nd best

Mark Havell says:

Just bought this club and WOW, easy to hit and great distance! Still
getting used to hitting the RBZ but initial thoughts are great! Thanks Mark
for input as well! Top Stuff as always mate!

ezra106 says:

how is it a hybrid? its just an old-school sized fairway wood

SaNcHeZmAnFuL says:

@brendaoin1 i would look at the taylormade range definitely

TomokoMurakami says:

Me too. I kept thinking he was hitting it a little fat and was waiting for
him to say that.

trashboat1237 says:

@4golfonline Hey mark im thinking about getting this hybrid, but should I
get the stock matrix ozix stiff or get a different one? thanks

Patrick Cartwright says:

ha 1:38 ice cream truck!!!!

Mox_au says:

he done an “in the bag” ages ago

Corey Barnett says:

why does mark say “rbzed”

sidecar771 says:

Same for Canada

Jay Downey says:

strange audio, i kept hearing a “double-tap” on impact… echo maybez 😉

Mox_au says:

that sounds so sweet

Scott Shields says:

The Adams Super XTD are sick! They are such good clubs….I had my 3 wood
on back order for almost a month!

Will Galvin says:

can you do a review on the adams super xtd fairway wood and hybrid

olle nyberg says:

WORST piece of fkn club i ever bought… I hook the living crap out of it,
which is funny because i fade with every other club in my bag, but this
taylormade rbz hybrid 4, almost goes around the world from right to left..

SaNcHeZmAnFuL says:

“brendalon what handicap are you roughly

cubsrock10997 says:

wow the size of the head on this club looks almost as big as my taylormade
burner superfast 2.0 4 wood and this club is a hybrid lol

Jordan Lydon says:

nice hybrid quite a large head though

David Thomas says:

Excellent, thanks for the info. I need to make some time to head out to try
the new hybrids on offer.

trashboat1237 says:

The RBZ or… rockkkkket bowwwwlzzzzz. Haha great vid Mark

archiguitarchi says:

Am I wrong, or does that club simply look like a 3 wood that has been given
22 degrees of loft?

Ollie Stilwell says:

You test all these clubs, but whats in your bag?

potatoewedges171 says:

adams a12 versus adams xtd (hybrids)

TheGolfdaily says:

I am finally getting good use out of this club (3 hybrid) in the field.
What I like about it is, as Mark said, easy to hit but what I have noticed
is that it is great hitting against the wind. No matter how much head wind
in blowing from the front, the ball just keeps going straight! And never
balloons up.

Sneak Freakz Shop says:

@4golfonline I love your videos. Keep them coming!


Ive got an R11 5 wood Ti would you see these these two clubs as doing the
same job or would this RBZ be worth a purchase?

joshua lugg says:

as only as good as your swing …. as with any golf club..no matter what
club you buy if your swings shit then it doesnt matter….you will not
connect with the ball…..

MardyBum100291 says:

Great review! My Grandad is thinking of picking this club up for Christmas,
and he’s a great ball striker for his age. Seems like he’ll really get this
going. We’re trying it today, but I decided to hop on YouTube to see if
there was anything worth watching, and this really impressed me. Consider
me a subscriber and keep it up Mark! 🙂

Chris Gonzales says:

I have a 22* 4 hybrid from Adams golf

Ben Kelly says:

probably 16-20

rystv says:

because he is from england.

ermSean says:

hit around 50 balls with this (which i borrowed from my dad) at the range
the other day….honesty i’ve never hit a club and instantly fell in love
until i hit one of these. amazing club, not one bad shot from it. going
down to the store tomorrow to get one.

ILG1001 says:

Hi , at the moment I play off 26 but in the last few weeks I havn’t hit a
bad shot due to fixes in my spine angle and grip. I think at the moment I
probably play off about 18 socially but I Havnt played in a competition for
a long time. I don’t have a hybrid in the bag so i am just wondering which
would be the best for me.

saijinkai says:

Hi Mark, what do you think of the Raylor vs RBZ rescue? I compared the 2:
Raylor 4H = 210yds while the RBZ 4H Tour = 237yds for me….

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