TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons

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TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional askGolfGuru. Mark hits the ever long TaylorMade golf club and talks about what makes this RocketBladez so interesting for golfers. Does it offer real distance or is it more marketing tricks from TaylorMade golf.

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Corey House says:

I bought these clubs a couple weeks ago and i really enjoy using them, for
me the ball tends to start straight then hook right halfway through ball
flight any suggestions mark?

Matthew Snart says:

Folks need to hit these type of irons before bashing them with the
traditional “oh they’ve just cranked the lofts” No, no they
haven’t…..there’s more to it.
The CG is low and forward so the ball launches much MUCH higher.
A 6 iron flys like an 8 iron. Sure they’re not for everyone, but watching a
3iron soar 230 metres, launching high and landing soft is a pretty great

Sam Goldberg says:

I’m 14 and. Just demoed them and I hit them crazy good it was amazing I’m
definantley gonna buy them what do u think

Oliver King says:

Perfect iron love them

Liam Oconnor says:


Bajaaa_ says:

I have them and I love them! Great Irons, great distance for me.

Travis LaLonde says:

I got (on average) an additional 8 yards per iron when I got my Rbladez. I
added KBS C-Taper shafts and got an extra 10-12 yards on top of the
additional 8. Not bad. Must say though, Mark is right in that the clubs are
a bit longer, so you have to make consistent swing effort to really take
advantage of the club, otherwise you will lose some control. 

Brody Fierce says:

i have this set of clubs and i have literately added 27 yards to each club
my 4 iron was around 190 now i constantly it it 224 

ScruffyNick33 says:

why do I want to hit my irons 27 yards further??? Spent over 20 years
learning what irons to hit into the greens, so hitting an 6 irons 200 yards
is pointless to me…..rather just hit me 4 iron thank you very much.
Wouldnt mind but the rac irons are top class and I still use them

WhitemaleOK says:

Great review.
I wont be buying these as the lofts and lengths are so inaccurate compared
to a traditional set irons. These are a gimmick designed for the hacker
who wants to be able to hit his 7 iron over 150 yards (BUT IN REALITY
CANT). Shame as taylormade clubs used to be so good.

kjbrummy says:

I have this set of irons (4-AW). I have not hit these off of some launch
monitor or optishot. But, i have hit them on a real driving range and real
golf courses. I had Mizuno JPX825s before these and Burner Plus before
those. I literally use the same club on all yardages as before. My 7 iron
was always around 165-170 with all 3 sets. However, they are much more
forgiving than the Mizunos and more of a blade like iron, unlike the burner
plus. Off enter hits dont lose a ton of distance and stay online….just
my 2! I love them….

Leo Hong says:

That is because the cranked the lofts and made the shafts longer to make it
seem look as if it is going further..

Jeong Fok says:

love the way u laugh after each hit.. lol

Jake Reddick says:

I’m working at american golf and we’ve just got the speed bladez in and at
address there is no apparent differences. But with both sets of clubs there
is so much technology going into these things. Supposedly the shaft lengths
give more leverage. And they’ve used an extremely thin cast face which
gives higher trajectory and and more ball speed! Meaning a steeper descent
for precision. Of course the speed cavity does the same. If you had to
compare them to any brand I’d say the nike covert irons.

Jake Reddick says:

And now I’ve realised mark has already made a comparison! Sorry

shorty4539 says:

I just got fit for these. I like them but I was hoping for a thinner top
line. They fit me at 1/2 inch short and 3 degrees flat. It was amazing to
actually hit an iron where the toe wasn’t pointing sky high. I instantly
started hitting the ball straighter and my 7 iron I can hit about 170 now.
With that said, I don’t know if it was the tech that’s making it easier.
Maybe I could have been custom fit for any club and done as well. But so
far I like these.

tessamartin23 says:

i love the rocketblades… not only goes further but it lands really soft
on the green.. no more then a foot or so… best clubs ever…and
mark…you should stop wearing a cup on your videos.. we know you got a
little wanka

russ suzy says:

I have the Ping S56 irons that I am currently trying to sell on ebay
because they were a little tough to hit. I went today and hit calloway,
Mizuno, Titleist, Adams, and these Taylormade RocketBladez and I must say
these are going to be what I am going to buy. they felt great and were more
forgiving than the rest, plus I hit them the furthest. Great club.

Eric Davis says:

I don’t want longer. I want more accurate. I want distance control. Good
golfers don’t want “17 yards further, hot face, trampoline irons.” We want
precision and quality. Not “rockets”. TMAG marketing to 20 handicaps who
don’t understand the difference, but rather thrive off bragging about how
far their 6 iron went…then shooting 97.

Nick Lott says:

i was hitting the rbladez tour 7 iron 190-200 on a launch monitor.

Billy Bush says:

The TM RocketBladez 6 iron is actually 1/2 degree STRONGER than Mark’s 5
iron! (6 iron @ 26.5 vs. mp-64 5 iron @ 27). Everyone getting these great
distance increases? wow, a whole club longer!?! I just turned my 3 iron
into an 8 iron with a sharpie and I hit it like 210! Not saying it doesn’t
hit nice, just ridiculous how they keep jacking up lofts. many will
struggle with yardage gaps with this stuff going on…

Lee Hughes says:

Mark could you compare Xhot’s to the Rocketbladze please. As there is a lot
of people gripping about tm cheating people. Now checking specs Xhot 4i has
same loft but a longer shaft as too on the 5i. The 7i has the same shaft
length but is stronger by .5 degrees. So in theory Xhot’s should hit
further. So them are Callaway also cheating people as these clubs are
crank’d up more than the tm clubs. Just an opinion mind you 🙂

raffazbsc says:

rocketbladz tour !!!!!! pls

2001redz28 says:

It’s funny, after watching this video I had to checkj the lofts on my S56’s
and the 5-iron is speced out at 27 degrees while the TM Rocketbladez are
26.5 degrees and both share the same length shaft. I knew it was too good
to be true.

Derek Johnson says:

Hit the Rocketbladez at Dick’s. According to their computer model, I hit
the 7 iron further than I hit my own 6 iron. They’re definitely “cranked.”
It’s marketing . . . . like when you tell a woman she’s wearing a size 6
when the dress is really a size 8 with a smaller number on the tag.

Logan Callahan says:

HOLY CRAP LONGER!! 7iron is 18 yards longer! NO JOKE! 205yards now!

kyle hover says:

Ive used taylormade forever and this isbone of the first times theyve
really backed uptheir cluvs becasue I normally hit my 7 iron 170 but with
this I was hitting it 190

Leon .S says:

I can tell you from experience the sales pitches aren’t totally false I
have hit these Irons and compared to my irons I hit these at least 18yrds
further and with atleast 10mph higher ball speed off the club face

Ryan Evans says:

You’re a very dumb person. That is all.

TheArfdog says:

OK sorry, but what the fuck does Mark say at the beginning of his videos??
Let’s get stuckit? Stuckin? Stokein? What in Jesus’ name does that mean?

vishalm says:

I am a 8.8 index. I hit the TM RBladez many times and recently had them
fitted (kbs tour shafts and 2 layers of tape to lessen grip pressure). the
clubs are really fun. I am hitting them further and the longer irons
(4,5,6) are much easier to hit well then my prior Titleist AP2s. the
marketing is aggressive but I have decided I love the additional confidence
and distance i get. the game is more fun when you feel positive about
hitting greens and hitting it far.

Ben Kisla says:

The thing that turned me off was the ballooning spin rates

Tom Gilles says:

What is the difference between Rocketbladez and Rocketbladez Tour apart
from thinner line on the top ??? Why more expensive ?

Cameron Schmuecker says:

To the people complaining about the lofts, U do realize u just treat the 5
as a 4 and so on. Its an amazing iron they just do that so that yes, a lot
of idiots will buy it but if u compare it with a similar loft and lenght
they are very good clubs.

Adam Covington says:

I hit them with The same shafts and the same loft/lie angles as my R11
irons. They are much longer. My normal 7 iron is 195-200, was 210-215 with


You total douche. When you suck a pickle, do you blush?

CJ Hogan says:

i had this issue with 2.0 , i am not a tall guy so clubs were 1/2 cut short
and 2 flat .. For me that made the # on the club useless to compare ….

drummerjuans says:

got mine today!! great clubs!!!!!!!!!!

rwhockey10 says:

I usually hit my 7 iron around 170, I tested a 7 iron Rocketbladez and
consistantly hit it around 195, these r long as shit. Curious what the
Rocketbladez Tour will feel like.

Rob Logan says:

Mark, get this on the Trackman and compare with other clubs. I’m hearing
it’s stupid-long!

Kyle St.George says:

I agree the sound of these clubs is pretty wild, quite a distinct crack to

Dean van der Merwe says:

Why? Why What.

Klein Music says:

Nice product placement for “Bunker” 😉

TXchadTX says:

TM makes good clubs – I’m just REALLY sick of the gimmicks that promise
crazy results. WILSON did this “speed slot” idea like 20 years ago. IF you
want results practice and improve your swing. You can’t buy a golf game

LaugherOne says:

I bought TM Rocketbladez and sold them after 1 1/2 rounds. Big gap between
slotted 7 iron and non slotted 8i. Horrible vibration, jarring feel even on
good strikes. Sound wsloud and non golf nonsense. Sold at a loss and went
back to AP1s. Need that feel and sound to play.

Tony F says:

Thinner top line and slightly different weighting. Didn’t seem to be enough
differance to warrent the increase in cost. I got the standard heads with
tour shafts and they are Great. The shafts are NOT LONGER. I was playing
Cleveland CG7 and shafts are the same lofts are a degree or so different

Tinus Nel says:

Distance Distance… Bla bla!! If all this distance marketing were true, we
are soon not going to need anything more than a wedge & a putter to get
around the course. I bought these clubs, not for distance as it didn’t add
miles over my old Cobra’s, but they felt very solid to hit & look very
good.. All perception if you asked me, you still have to hit the shot….

06aikens says:

Next thing taylormade will do is get a 5 iron, say its a pitching wedge and
say your irons go 50 yards further than normal…

ajh21313 says:

Oh please, let’s talk about Ping and Mizuno? I love them!

TENACIOUSKifys says:

Just ordered my fitted rocket blades irons, feels AMAZING. I hit it like 20
yards further!

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