TaylorMade RocketBladez TaylorMade RocketBallz Irons

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TaylorMade RocketBladez TaylorMade RocketBallz Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits ‘this little thing' the TaylorMade RocketBladez up against the TaylorMade RocketBallz to see what iron comes out on tops. Watch this golf video and see if marketing os the game or is it actual technology making the difference. Play your best golf with Mark Crosssfield and his golf videos.


herrdoktorknowitall says:

So what you’re saying is that Taylormade’s marketing has convinced you that
the substantially more expensive “new” version of the club is “better”
than the old club despite objective empirical data that says they perform
equivalently? I would think that anyone who wasn’t an idiot would watch
this and save themselves a ton of cash and get the RBZ? Am I wrong?

Aaron Ross says:

I’ve got the Rocket Ballz and I think they’re great. Good distance and my
ball striking compared to the Rocket Bladez was extremely better.

TheBloodyEnglishman says:

Shame you didn’t include the R11 irons in this TM fest as they all are in
the current line up of what TM offer right now.

drewwster says:

I never knew that. In the alphabet at the end do you say x, y, zed?

oceans111213sk says:

Longer length means harder to hit, at least for me. Everyone knows a 1 iron
is difficult to hit.

David Rimmer says:

Please test the dunlop nz9s against the big brands! The driver has has
great reviews but nothing on the irons, woods or hybrid.

Jason Bowles says:

“I mean, hit a bloomin’ tennis ball, it don’t matter!” *Nodding vigorously*
Please do a video hitting tennis balls.

StylesThaIcon says:

What up Mark I was wondering if you will ever do any videos on iron shafts
such as the KBS C-Taper and others to compare

goomy worms says:

Vrs Covert next!!!

Shaun Stokes says:

I was using adult irons when i was 12 so i don’t see why you can’t and also
try using a steel shaft, graphite shafts are for old men lol.

shredx81 says:

In England, we say Zed. In America, you say Zee.

shredx81 says:

Yep. Consequently, the alphabet song they teach American kids on sesame
street never went down well over here. 🙂

David Malfara says:

I know there’s tons of new artillery to test out there right now, but I’d
love to see a review of the new Cally X Forged. You really seemed to like
the old one (as did I); I think the new one is gorgeous but I’d like to
hear your thought on any difference in performance. Thanks Mark! You’re the

Dave Linton says:

Check out me using my rocketballz irons on my videos

grumpy2159 says:

did the clubs have the same loft?

tucker35Ire says:

Great video mark.

Vincent Tagle says:

Please compare mizuno mp62 irons vs mizuno mp 64 irons. Luke Donald should
go back to the irons that kept him world number one longer

Sean Kinsella says:

Great work Mark,you’re an absolute legend! I’d be very interested to see a
video that contrasts these new juiced up irons versus some popular past
models (eg X20 tours or something) but disregarding distance. In other
words, have feel, dispersion, shot-making, spin rates dramatically changed,
and if so, for better or worse. Watching these videos makes me feel that
these new clubs aren’t any much better, especially for the price. Thanks,

Alex Berry says:

How about a Nike

Darren Byrne says:

mark i have just setup a youtube account so i could upload my swing to my
account could you take the time to help me with my swing i love your videos
but my swing is nor working please help thank you

Ben Eastwood says:

Try ladies irons. A friend of mine was in the same boat, he was too big for
juniors and too small for adults. He went for a ladies iron set which is
the middle ground

Andrew Micoli says:

Hey Mark! You’ve got great reviews. I was just wondering what’s your

goffers92 says:

What do you think about the consistency between them Mark? Ive gone from
Wilson irons to Rocketbladez and I am getting way better distance control.
My wilsons I could hit 7i 130 to 150 , with the rocketbladez its pretty
much 145 … I hit 10 on launch monitor recently , all within 4 yards
length wise.

VaughanGolf says:

hi mark i was thinking could you make a vid between the rockeybladez and
the tour heads. the tour heads look so nice and i want to have your opinion
on how they feel fordged or cast

TheTechWhiz says:

Mark, Can you please do a comparison video like this for the Callaway Razr
X and X Hot irons? I’ve been looking into buying the Razr Xs because of the
price drop, but is it worth it to go with the newer model. Thanks, love
your videos on both channels!

Iain Matheson says:

Is there an app. I can use on blackberry playbook

Rodrigo Organista says:

Hey Mark Rodrigo from Mexico, would love too see you try the new Nike Vrs
Covert and hear your thoughts on it. Cheers

PingDrv00 says:

Mark can you compare the RocketBladez against the Ping G25’s? I think that
would be a very interesting watch.

john gay says:

Great Vid Mark! Keep it up! I was wondering if you could matchup the
rocketbladez, and the ap2 712’s?

Joe Morgan says:

I hit these two clubs and the rocketballz went about 5 yards farther than
the rocketbladez

aczech22 says:

Nike Covert Driver

Tennessee-Tuxdeo says:

I’ve wait patiently for this review…Thank you Mark!!!

MiniBlueDragon says:

TM = The Emperor’s New Clothes

Rory Mcilroy says:

mark my handicap is 12, good ball striker, what irons would you recommend?

five2oneplease says:

hi mark do you need your app to send you a swing video or can you send it
to the above address?

mick mueller says:

He does not have the length. also , he makes good money promoting Mizuno.

Carlier99 says:

hi mark im 14 and im always hooking my junior irons, and the shafts are too
flexy, is there any midlle ground as I am too small for adult irons, I
would appreciate a reply, thanks!

jamieboytellem says:

How come you never review callaway equipment mark?

Kim Budaden says:

What camera do you use Mark?

Alex Berry says:

How about a Nike covert vs. the G25 driver review???

Alexander Muller says:

Thats how I learned it at school in Germany.

wddemar says:

Great video Mark. I noticed on many of your videos you include the Wilson
clubs in your comparisons, Di11’s. Value for the money and you seem to like
these clubs performance. I see they brought a new name the D-100. would you
please do a review of these if possible as I am interested in the Wilson

Kyle St.George says:

After getting fitted for a set of Rocketbladez (12/27), I have consistently
been able to carry my irons 20-25 yards further with these clubs. (165
carry with the 7 iron R-BladeZ) and (145 carry with my 7 iron Burner
2.0’s). That’s with an Average swing speed around 98-100mph. For me,
grabbing this set of irons and the new Titleist D3 Driver, this season is
looking promising.

rwhockey10 says:

Hey mark when r u getting rocket blades tour?

Sherb3rts says:

Kinda creeped out now…..was just lookign for this review…couldnt find
it…subscribed today and when i looked back in my subscription box here it
was haha, great reviews! Loing this channel!

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