TaylorMade RSi 2 Irons Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer

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TaylorMade RSi 2 Irons Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer
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Nik S says:

Why are people giving this dude shit? He had an accident so he’s limited on
flexibility and in turn club head speed. Yet he’s still out there playing
the game he loves and getting better. He’d probably still beat those shit
talkers on the course anyways. As a teacher I hate to hear people giving
someone the gears for trying to get better, we need more people in the game
not less. 

Clay Fleming says:

Why would anyone insult Rob? His comments are hilarious and most of us
watching this do not hit the center of the face as frequently as Rick does
with irons, so seeing the result of true mishits is probably beneficial to
a large number of viewers. 

Vici Martynov says:

Great video Rob and Rick, this has been the best review of RSi irons i have
seen by anyone. Just cant believe people are so nasty. Just right click and
block them Rob before deleting their posts, it really isn’t worth getting
upset about such people. Seems to me most people love this stream of
reviews and with good reason :-)

davecumber says:

Great review guys, I saw these in the store the other day and thought there
wasn’t much between RSi1 & 2. And Rob, I look forward to your reviews as
much as Ricks as it’s more relatable to me, it’s good to hear your opinions
and I’ve been eager to hear your comparison of the RSi and XRs. I agreed
with your comments about the lofts as well, I don’t hit it that far and if
I can get an iron that is more on a par with everyone else, I don’t care
how. I sometimes have to play 3 irons lower than some people to get the
same distance.

SirBigSpur06 says:

Rob, if money were no object and you could choose just one, would you go
with the Nike Pro Combos or the RSI2s? Great stuff as usual guys. Cheers
from the US!

Rick Shiels PGA says:

TaylorMade RSi 2 Irons Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer

See how the more advanced RSi range of clubs get on! 

Rob Roberts says:

Great input again, Rob!
Keep it real.

Brian Artz says:

Can’t imagine what type of dude would insult Rob about his distances. I’m
a 16 handicapper and I wouldn’t dare go on camera with trackman for the
world to see. Keep up the work, Rob. Love these videos and your

Jake Riley says:

you finchy and me and my golf are the best youtubers coaching golf

puls66 says:

hey rob,
i dont know why some people don’t value the time and effort you (and rick)
put into these videos. just try to ignore them, please!
keep up the good stuff!

cheers pat

Brian Smith says:

Love it Rob, you are the man. I absolutely love your honesty on the
products. Keep up the work!!

When can we see you on a course vlog??????

Mark Bond says:

Ignore the trolls Rob. While I don’t always profess to understand your
northern sense of humour, I admire you putting it out there. I’m a head
taller than you but barely hit it any further and I haven’t had an accident
(unless you count slipping off the bridge and scrapping my shin on the
fifth hole at my club, which really smarted and still hasn’t healed

MrDazza64 says:

The Rick n Rob Roadshow continues from strength to strength. Hiya Rob lad,
take no notice of the negative comments, you do a cracking job,
considering! Especially so, under the added pressure of the cameras! I can
also empathise, having suffered a nasty back injury only last year myself.
Keep doing what you’re doing matey and wishing you a great season this year
dude! Atb, Daz. 

Cornwall1888 says:

I know guys off 1 who shoot in the 60’s with big chunky ping g30’s, why try
to use the least forgiving clubs for your handicap.

‘I’m single figures my clubs shouldn’t have much offset.’ Nonsense.

David Fletcher says:

Great comments from Rob, looking forward to seeing him hit the Callaway XR.
I hit the ball about the same distance as Rob but found the callaways went
about 10 yards further than my r11 irons and were really easy to hit.

Paul Ellis says:

Rob, keep up the great work, and ignore the back-biters. I eagerly await
your equipment reviews. Thanks for your honesty and candor, and for being
willing to do this on camera for our benefit.

Graham Muir says:

Some guys hits his 9 iron really far! Whoop! What a melon

Good review Rob , keep up the good work!

wtmk81 says:

I prefer reviews when rob hits them, cause it’s more relatable than when
Rick hits it. 

Kenny Herbert says:

Great stuff Rob, keep it up

Iain M says:

Another good video. I took the demo rsi2 7 iron out on course on Friday and
could find no difference in performance compared to my 2014 taylormade cbs.

Rick Howarth says:

Good work rob. Never review try build in a Chorley reference, plenty out

JAG sixtyfive says:

Just as a matter of interest. What ball are you using in these vids Rob?

Niall McGarry says:

Hi rob, seen you say in the comments that you had done a course vlog on
ricks channel. What is the name of the video as I can’t seem to find it? 

MurphySG24 says:

Did Rob test the G30 irons?

Denis Flanagan says:

Great stuff Rob, keep up the good work. Got to say its good to hear a mid
handicappers view on these clubs, ive been eyeing these up for myself.

TXchadTX says:

JPX 850 forged rob!

Jody Eastwood says:

Rob keep doing your thing homey love your comments

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