TaylorMade RSi 2 Vs TaylorMade SLDR Irons

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TaylorMade RSi 2 Vs TaylorMade SLDR Irons
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ianmock2 says:

The biggest difference here is that RSi2’s spin on off center hits is
considerably lower but it still retains a lot of the energy from that hit
compared to a normal strike. Less spin = more carry, but there’s a
trade-off here that while it will retain more carry into the green, the
reduced spin will make the ball hit and release, then potentially roll
further away.

The SLDR, on the other hand, only lost <1000rpm on an off center strike and
retained 92-95% of that energy/distance into the green, but stopped and
checked up.

The SLDR is the clear winner here to me simply because an off center hit
will be more predicable in terms of distance and spin.

DISCLAIMER: I play the SLDR irons with Rifle 5.5 shafts, they're fantastic
and the best I've ever played.

Mark Brownell says:

RSi2 center strike is 176 carry, and first good toe strike is 166 carry =
loss of 10 yards.

SLDR center strike is 166 carry, and first good toe strike is 161 carry =
loss of 5 yards

Doesnt the SLDR win?

I realize that there are too many factors (ie the need to hit hundreds of
balls to get similar data) but given the data that you provide it seems
that the SLDR are shorter by 10 yds on center strike.

I love the concept of this test and was very excited to watch it, but it
seemed rushed and the conclusions had some flaws (mentioned above). I
applaud you for doing this kind of video, but encourage more clarity in the
summary. I appreciate TM and their approach to technology. They did a
great bit for the release with an Iron Byron, but the skeptic in me is left
wondering why they didnt just hook up an older model to show the “massive”
advantage in the RSi vs the older model. Opportunity lost…. or avoided?



satchmanmike1 says:

The spin numbers are quite a bit higher on the SLDR’s. That probably
explains the shorter distances. I wonder why TM took the spin out of the

Oni Link says:

Rick, when will you do a review of Titleist 915’s and the new Nike Vapor

10syver says:

Another great review Rick! Question: Does the faceslots on the RSi1 and RSi
2 have any issues with getting filled up with dirt/sand when playing on
real grass?

don blem says:

I think all of the modern irons from the big manufacturers are all much of
a muchness. There might be 3-5 yards difference between them all when hit
with a Robot. It’s more important to pick one that you like the look and
feel of.
Face slots? They are just a marketing gimmick but that doesn’t mean they
are bad irons. The RSi2’s look pretty decent to be fair, much better than
the RSi1’s.

Stefan Johnson says:

SLDR did better in my opinion in this test, the difference between the toe
hit and out of the middle hit was way less then in the RSI-2, they where
all shorter but much better dispersion. 

Carlos Riaño says:

Did does not give any idea Rick, cause this is 0 cientific test, with only
one hit each…

TheGamingSpud says:

Haha at around about 1:20 rick says ” lets go taylormade first ” I’m pretty
sure there both tm 

bruce wayne says:

When you hit off center the ball is going to go off center. Now why would I
want my ball to go further and hook even more? 

jscott811 says:

Hi Rick, thumbs up for the new style of using golf course sim. Makes it
more fun. Keep up the good work mate.

Joshua Payne says:

I would love to see some reviews on Mizuno. TaylorMade is not the ideal
manufacturer people turn to for irons. 

Coco Gamer says:

I just got the speed blades so hopefully it’s hood go well

David Eaton says:

This is the review I have been waiting for think the Rsi 2 have it 

Fernando Trovarelli Biagi says:

Rick you can select iron on GC2 HMT Instead of the driver…

johnj134 says:

Bit off topic here rick…but how do you hit from the toe? my strike tends
be towards the heel

Patrick Kelly says:

Are the kids the same on the 2 clubs ?

mayassa58 says:

Would you hit a tour preferred MC off the toe for me thanks

Rob Roberts says:

Are these strong lofted clubs?

jonathan phoenix says:

Did you hit a 7 or 8 iron? 

Rick Shiels PGA says:

TaylorMade RSi 2 Vs TaylorMade SLDR Irons @TaylorMadeTour @TaylorMadeGolf 

Patrick Kelly says:

Lofts sorry

Mrmarkwright32 says:

Have u put the rsi2 in the bag it looks like you’ve put your game golf
piece in

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