TaylorMade RSI TP Forged Irons

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paul hutchinson says:

Hi Mark I use Rocketbaltz Tour and love them… Tried New TP Forged 16° 1
iron and it was amazing 230 carry on FlightScope ball went high & felt
georgeous. Nice small compact head with chunky sole much easier to hit than
my Ping1p Zing 1 iron. If I had some spare cash I would buy the set. Might
get the TP 1 iron as a treat if I can lower my handicap this summer. Maybe
Coach Lockey should try he could have used it on first hole he ballooned
his Driver… Looking forward to part 2 tonight… What was MOH wind? In
Spain we can get 75 km wind about 50 mph. Looked like 80 mph on Vlog… ⛳️

Angel Gonzalez says:

Mark, the first real video that I’ve seen that explains the slots and a
perfect manner!
As someone who sometimes saw people get frustrated by the way you joked
about the technology, this is a refreshing take on that tech!

speterj says:

Almost every TM club has sole slots now. Do you thing all irons here on out
will have them. Are drivers and woods next?

itubeutude says:

what’s with the white dots on the face?

brendos444 says:

Does slots-a-thon irons mean that TM will make all of their future irons
with slots? If not, then it should be clear to all that slots are gimmicks

Golfguy076 says:


RabatzNow says:

Hey, nice video. Do all irons in this set have the slots?

Ryan Murphy says:

Mark you should compare these to the mp-15’s. They “classic w/tech”

David Hailey says:

Mark–Are those Ecco shoes that you are wearing?

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