TaylorMade Rsi1 Irons

TaylorMade Rsi1 Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the new TaylorMade iron and talks about it new advertising push around MisHits. With the help of GC2 and HMT Mark shows some strike data on the Rsi1 irons and talks about what the many slots might do for your golf game. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips, instruction and reviews from Mark Crossfield.

35 thoughts on “TaylorMade Rsi1 Irons

  1. In what way do TM not stick to what they say?
    RBZII Irons- they introduced a speed slot, Speedblade Irons- they
    understood they were on to something and improved the speed slot, produced
    a more forgiving club. RSI – They have extended on the speed slot
    technology and put slots in the face to help off centre shots go longer.
    So, they’ve integrated a speed slot into their irons and then developed
    it?.. they seem to be backing their claims.

  2. The problem many have with TM is that they don’t stick with anything they
    claim. One moment it is this and the next moment it is that. If there was
    true data and stats to back it up then I would certainly assume they will
    include this tech in all their irons for years and years to come right?
    Ha!!!! They will paint a tiny yellow dot on the next batch and tell you its
    a speed enhancer. The color yellow reacts with the sun in a way that allows
    the club to dissipate air at a higher level. Not bagging on TM but come on.
    If all this shit you are doing is relevant then why does it change
    constantly? If there was any merit to most of what they say then it would
    be a continuation, then rebranding. 

  3. I don’t like the naming from TayloMade on these, RSI ? I don’t want a iron
    that shares a acronym with Repetitive Stress Injury. makes my wrists ache
    just thinking about it 🙂

    It is interesting though how the club makers are trying to have more
    consistent distance and speed on off center hits since the COR has a limit
    they cannot make the center any “hotter” but I’d be concerned about bad
    shots off the toe and heel that might have gone short and /or offline with
    other clubs go even farther from the intended target since you’ll lose less
    speed.Kinda reminds me of how some putter faces and inserts help keep the
    ballspeed consistent across the face so mishits still go the intended

    I can see how, like others said, it could give golfers a bit too much help
    since “bad shots” wont lose as much distance so a golfer might think it was
    a ok shot make the wrong adjustments instead of working on better contact
    and face control to get better results but I also understand that some
    people have more money than time so they want a club that does more of the
    work for them. Personally I’d rather have a mishit shot not carry as far so
    I could attempt a recovery instead of having a “bad shot” that kept going
    farther offline because the face is so hot, but I’m not a distance iron
    kinda guy I guess.

  4. Oh dear don’t like those speed slots at all – very ugly – think the very
    pretty Srixon hot irons Nike and Mizunos will eat them for breakfast in the
    market place – mind you I’m not a fan of hot clubs anyway so they aren’t
    targeted on my buying needs – hey do they give you Repetitive strain injury
    – bad choice of name he he

  5. Rsi – Really silly invention? Royally stupid innovation?

    Or maybe Repetitive strain injury like iIm going to get from banging my
    head against a wall when I think about these clubs.

    I’ll get slots cut into my forehead to help with those off-centre headbutts
    of course…

  6. longer clubs and stronger lofts. manufactures suck. we all need to use our
    wrists correctly like Pros so we need regular lofts regardless of bogus

  7. Nice honest review.

    +Mark Crossfield Lets say the technology does everything they says it does
    [no reason to disbelieve it with their robot testing]. Is it not just
    masking swing/strike problems? For the individual would this sort of tech
    stop them getting a lessen to become a better player? Scenario: high
    handicap player, lets say in their 40s, hits the ball out toe more often
    than not. Due to these clubs being forgiving they think that cause its
    going a decent distance they are fine…Good thing or bad thing?

  8. Really bothers me how fast Taylormade keeps pumping out clubs, the speed of
    it all makes me think quality control goes out the window. Pure design
    changes …with little substance.

  9. Rubbish technology, rubbish marketing. There’s 2-5 handicappers still using
    10 year old forged clubs. It’s how you swing it. Gimmicks are for

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