TaylorMade RSi1 Ping G30 Irons

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TaylorMade RSi1 Ping G30 Irons reviewed and compared by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. The RSi1 with its slots on the bottom and the face offer maximum forgiveness according to TaylorMade where the Ping G30 is maybe one of the most stable golf clubs on the market. See which golf iron might help you play better golf and help you improve your golf game.

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David Simmons says:

Currently using the G30s. Respect to the Ping company, no wild claims, no
trying to open my wallet every 6 months. I would expect the old i2 & G5
irons to go the same distance as todays offerings but with slightly less
forgiveness? So heres a request to Mark, be great to see match up, current
crop of sticks against clubs brought out say 10 years ago hitting the same
lofted clubs which would account for cranked up stuff of today. If a G10
driver is good enough for Westy then what does that say about the
marketing. Length isnt everything as i often remind my Mrs!! Keep the
original content coming Mr C. & keep CoachLockey off the Tinder website,
may end up biting off more then he can chew!!

john malone says:

I realize that you are not a pro who is thrilled with the marketing
campaign of TM but you should really try to keep that bias out of the
reviews and the head to heads. It hurts your credibility in the long run.
And I love your videos but to suggest that a person should buy the ping
and strengthen the lofts (even though they are pretty cranked already, you
said they were within .5* of TM) in an effort to make them perform like the
TM, is pretty silly. Shouldnt you simply say that consumers should go out
and get the TM irons, if they are in the market for new clubs that are in
that range bc the data you have (albeit limited in sample size) seems to
prove that the TM is longer, less spinning on a 6 and the peak height is
pretty similar. It is ok to admit that they make a good iron, and that it
may out perform a ping club. You dont have to like the tech (and the tech
might not do what they say) but when you test and get these kinds of
results, you should leave your TM bias at the door.

David Simmons says:

G30s slightly less chunky then G15 would say marginal improvement on off
centre hits & higher flight for me! If happy with G15 then stick with them.
Most important is to get professionally fitted. Hope this helps. 

Vici Martynov says:

Pfffft – my first purchase of new clubs, last Christmas, were discounted
Lynx Elegance irons. Since then I have replaced all my other clubs with
Nike tour woods, wedges and a Ping putter – So, of course i look at my
irons and I think gawd should I have been less hasty and bought better,
will I replace them again this winter – well these excellent videos say it
all to me really – I hit the Lynx irons well enough to drop a lob onto a
par 3 green, the gapping is perfect with my other clubs giving 10ish yards
between clubs and I can drive the 4i 160-170 yards off the tee – these
videos suggest that there really isnt much between all these different
makes of iron – and to be honest, I like the look of the Lynx clubs better
than most of these offerings; they dont have slots full of plastic in the
face to degrade or weird spaces in the back to fill with mud, they just
look like classic but rather chunky blades having an internal cavity and a
TFT face – I am really starting to love them – advice to the sensible, buy
the clubs you really like and dont keep looking at everything else with a
designer label, Mark has shown there really is little performance
difference between makes and my reliable 10 yards between clubs is more
important to me than an extra 10 yards. You dont really need distance with
irons, you take a longer club or a hybrid, you need convenient and accurate
distance gapping ;-)

Ian Pye says:

I’ve just tried both these clubs last night (as well as a few others) at a
fitting and I went got the RSi1’s in the end. Both clubs performed
similarly and I was very impressed with both. It just came down to looks
and feel for me. I prefered the noise of the RSi’s and I didn’t like the
finish on the Ping, plus I already have some TaylorMade gear in my bag, so
after all the numbers were said and done I went with
feel, aesthetics and allegiance. Funny old game ain’t it!

liam f says:

The dispersion was tighter with the Pings, higher shots and increased back
spin would be an advantage when hitting in to greens, the Pings did better
in this also. But you did not mention it in the video

9tube1 says:

I like the “biased” views that you share with us Mark. That’s exactly what
I want to hear as it gives me a better idea of what clubs I would likely
prefer as well. I have hit the G30 irons myself and was surprised at how
good they felt and gave me the ball flight that I desire, though they will
not displace my AP1’s. In my humble opinion, I also believe Ping offers
better engineering and quality control than TM. We are all “biased” and
there is nothing wrong with admitting so. Asking you to leave your bias
out is simply another tool of the politically correct crowd, to control
your freedom of speech. Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom
with us Mark. 

CiPhEr505 says:

One thing TM isn’t in a hurry to tell you. The fine print on the Maximum
allowed COR RSi1 reads “distance claim based on 4-iron test data. RSi 1
Irons designed with a COR up to the USGA limit. Due to manufacturing
tolerances, not all irons will reach the maximum.” So you know, some sets
might reach the limit, but due to manufacturing tolerances, some won’t.
Luck of the draw, you know how it is. Wanna buy some?

shakers97 says:

Why would you automatically want more distance from your irons? My priority
is to gap my set properly, with reference to my woods and wedges and to
make sure that the higher irons have a trajectory that lets me hold greens
on mid range approach shots.

More distance from your irons = marketing rubbish for idiots.

Chris I says:

Good tests, how about Ping vs Titleist AP4’s? Thanks.

Gary Wickwire says:

Love the gunmetal color of the G-30. Wasn’t really in the market for new
irons until I saw these and realized I like that look over chrome finish I
have now

GENO Dboy says:

The rsi1 will help .. a miss hit with rsi1 will still go same distance ping
is going on a great hit 

Judge Smails says:

Curious to hear what the TM engineers’ rationale is behind less loft & less
spin… If hitting and holding greens is job #1, why is a lower flight and
less spin a good thing? Thanks!

TheGolfdaily says:

Tested the G30 my self. Great looking club. If I would one day go back to
cavity back, this would be the one.

davefiver says:

Can I ask. What do you use the wobble cushions for? (the blue things behind
the mat)

Martin MacCool says:

Those are really low spin numbers on the TMAG product. That would make the
shots roll out a bit more, but would make holding greens much harder.

Jonathan Feeney says:

Height of the pings has to be due to the really wide sole.

Sean Sack says:

If forgiveness is the comparison you need to try the Karsten Irons against

Matt Kelly says:

is there enough of a difference to make it worth upgrading from the g10 to
the g30?

Darren Middleton says:

You are not biased towards Ping G30 at all are you Mark? ;-)

jim mcmahon says:

Mark – Most unlike you but you’re clearly biased towards Ping here…. The
numbers said TaylorMade all day long and yet you couldn’t seem to say it.
I’m a mizuno man myself and have a thing against TM too but I’m not the one
doing the ‘neutral’ comparisons!!!

Nick Rhyan says:

When are you getting the Nike vapors? I’ve been wanting to see a review

Duck Hook says:

Since day one

Andy On the Range says:

Its all about selling more irons, I used R7 and now TP CBs not much
different in reality to my game have made the change to a newer tech iron

nielshunniche1 says:

You should use your normal shaft, when YOU do the testing

wiiiiiiiiweeeeeeee says:

G30 all the way. The thing with taylormade is that next month, year they
will release a new iron and you loose value on your current set !

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