TaylorMade Rsi2 Irons

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TherymasterWidnes says:

Does TaylorMade stand for TOTAL MUGS, anyone who buys these irons are
either, loaded, or stupid, or both! 

Marcus0C says:

Yeah TaylorMade bring out clubs every six months? And ? Apple bring out
an iphone and ipad every 6months too and still complete retards go out and
buy the shit. Because they know consumers with money will buy them. I use
Burner 1.0 irons i bought in san diego in 2011 and love them and dont need
to upgrade anything . I play off 8 and could upgrade to something better
but more then likely will still get the same performance. TaylorMade never
fail to bring out great clubs. TaylorMade are just Marketing genius’s and
know what to say and do at the right moment to get people interested. I
personally would love to fork out 650 euros on Tour Prefered CB’s because
they look and feel fantastic but an iron is an iron and they all do the
exact same thing.

Don Clarke says:

Mark, rather than referring to the loft being strong on clubs now a days
why don’t you refer to launch angles. What is a bad, good and great launch
angle for said club. A good launch angle for a 6 iron would be? This would
help people understand how their shafts are performing for them as well. I
think understanding launch angles is more important than getting hung up on
strong lofts. I’m more asking here than telling. What’s your opinion?

TheJhaley12 says:

Yeah $1,000 I don’t think so. Wilson D100 irons make the claim use two
clubs less then your partner, well I bought my son a set and the PW in the
Wilson is the same length as my JPX Muzuno 800 plus the lofts are jacked up
of course but the flight is so high they did not go any further than my
JPX. Most if not all of this hype about clubs these days are bull. Now wait
and see, in a few months or so Taylormade will come out with another iron
and say it is more forgiving and longer than these, it never fails. If all
the hype is true then we should be having trouble keeping the ball on the
planet by now. And the sticker on these is outrageous at least in my

Tyler Shumaker says:

everyone knows that heel shots are the real distance robbers. But you, as a
better player should, tends to miss towards the toe. Wouldve loved to see
how a heely shot measured up. 

Chris I says:

You are not a robot but that strike pattern and dispersion for three balls
is probably much better than the average player. Why not try and hit a few
way off center, high -low-toe-heal, something more realistic for a test of
the forgiveness this innovation is supposed to provide. Thanks, I
appreciate seeing the results in any case.

gswdaniel says:

Mark, what monitor and software you use to track the data? They look simple
but really nice and accurate. 

davefiver says:

Clubs are clubs for me. I went and looked at getting some new ones and
(without getting measured mind you) I was hitting about 4 different brands
pretty much the same down the range and all the same as my current ones.
Maybe I’m not good enough to notice the difference. But slots aren’t
gonna sell clubs to me. But they do sound nice….mmmmm I’m sold! 

JappyR2001 says:

Mark! Love your course vlogs!

Come down to Cumberwell Park Golf Club in Wiltshire? The club held event 6
on the Europro tour this year. Great little track I think about 6500 yards
ish. 4 different nines. An amazing short game area where you could do a
short game video?

GENO Dboy says:


mark bailey says:

Saw these advertised yesterday, gotta admit though I was expecting them to
impress a little more than that.
Be Interested to see you do a comparrison with say the xhot 2’s though.

gbvoul says:

I’d never use taylormade anything

TheGolfdaily says:

Seems like this slots really work.
But if these modern irons gets so forgiving, how do I get my rewards when I
hit that 25 perents of “good” shots?

I play golf because it’s a difficult and challenging game with always thing
to improve on..

mjdailey87 says:

Im curious about the ProV1X golf balls you hit here.. Are they just range
balls or yellow Xs? 

BANDANA960 says:

I like the look of these. I wonder whats next for the metalwoods :D

Mike H says:

60% of the products on Dick’s Sporting Goods floors are Taylor Made. TM
sales at Dicks down 40% last year. Over saturation TM, Over saturation…
+Mark Crossfield

Bob Snelle says:

Hello Marc,
I line your reviews.
Could You do a review on the wilson FG Tour 100 irons?

Austins GolfVids says:

hit these today and man are they long! between these and the mp54s for next

konartis8108 says:

Mark can you review the Callaway prototype please

Mark Williams says:

The lofts are not ‘more’ traditional in these irons. Infact the 6 iron is
only 0.5 degree weaker than the rsi1!

Turd Ferguson says:

anyone else think these look really similar to the SLDR irons?

R00dBoiGaming says:

Will you do a review of the RSi TP’s?

Lukas Hell says:

Could you make a review of the callaway big beatha irons

stumpyslvr says:

Thanks for posting another good review.

Gino Lopriore says:

Need to see the Nike Vapor iron reviews…

Strat TelePaul says:

These seem to be R11 irons with slots.

rockin7buckers says:

What irons are you using now Mark?

brendos444 says:


cwugrad396 says:

the most important thing he mentioned in the entire video … go see your
local pro and learn how to hit your own clubs closer to center. and this is
why he is the best golf review person in you tube land. honest, honest and
more honest

Andy M says:

Apparantly 75% of shots are hit outside the sweet spot.

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