TaylorMade SIM Max Irons FULL REVIEW! Golf Monthly

In this video, Golf Monthly technical editor Joel Tadman tests the new TaylorMade SIM Max and SIM Max OS irons on the GCQuad launch monitor and the range against the outgoing M5 and M6 models to see how they compare and if the performance has improved.

► Video shot on location at the stunning Burghley Park Golf Club in Stamford, Lincs. For more information, visit www.burghleyparkgolfclub.co.uk

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14 thoughts on “TaylorMade SIM Max Irons FULL REVIEW! Golf Monthly

  1. When I purchase a set of clubs there are 3 things I look for how they look how they feel and how far because if you've got a set of clubs that you think are ugly you'll never play with confidence

  2. I have the M6 and bought them off the rack last year without being fitted….bad mistake on my part , was only hitting my 7 – iron 124 yards carry……so went and got fitted for irons…and the winner ended up being SIM MAX OS……..after the different adjustments were made and some tweaks……softer feel…and gained 31 yards to 155 yards carry….am 55 and a 15 handicap so i am pretty happy with the outcome…..( other irons i tried were Ping G710….Callaway Mavrik….taylormade P790's ) then lastly the SIM…i know the lofts are strong but i found for me i was hitting them high and good spin rates a good combo…..cheers all

  3. you need your eyes checked very very very badly… all those "Game Improvement Irons" are NOT THIN!!!!
    they are CHUNKY CHUNKY CHUNKY CHUNKY CLUBS.. theres no way they are thin!!! my Nike Vapor Pro Blades have a "THINNER" TopLine then my P730 irons have & a Narrow Narrow sole then P730 have also. P730 TopLine isnt Scary Thin & the Sole is wider then I thought they would be.. yes the blade length is smaller and they do feel softer then my Mizuno blades also. but was pretty disappointed when I saw the topline and sole lil biggier then I'm used too. but all GI irons will always be longer blade length thicker topline and just chunky looking at address and a sole as wide as a wedges face lol and feel like shit for being cast iron clubs lol

  4. Not a criticism of TM's approach in writing this, but what I'm getting from this review and looking into the club specs myself…

    SIM Max = M6 w. a different color scheme (this guy's trackman data is nearly identical for M6 and SIM Max, can't speak to differences in feel or dispersion since you can't show data for feel, it's personal, and he didn't show the dispersion data, or if he did I missed it 🙂 )

    SIM Max OS = M6 w. a different color scheme, slightly larger head, a bit more offset etc…and de-lofting in order to get extra carry

    My theory is TaylorMade saw how successful Callaway was with the Rogue and Rogue X approach and decided to take a similar approach to their game improvement iron line using the M6 as the starting point for design.

    For perspective:

    2020 SIM Max OS Spec (standard):
    4 – 18 deg. loft, 39.125 length
    5 – 20 deg. loft, 38.5 length
    6 – 23.5 deg. loft, 37.88 length
    7 – 27 deg. loft, 37.25 length
    8 – 31.5 deg. loft, 36.75 length
    9 – 36.25 deg. loft, 36.25 length

    2019 Rogue X Spec (standard):
    4 – 18.5 deg. loft, 39 length
    5 – 31 deg. loft, 38.375 length
    6 – 24 deg. loft, 37.75 length
    7 – 27 deg. loft, 37.125 length
    8 – 31.5 deg. loft, 36.50 length
    9 – 36 deg. loft, 36 length

    So for 4-6 irons, TaylorMade made even lower lofted irons than the already super low loft Rogue X lineup, and are longer in standard shaft length. 7 and 8 Iron lofts are the same as Rogue X, but still slightly longer. 9 iron is slightly higher loft, but balances out with a bit extra length. This tells me TaylorMade is making a direct competitor from a distance standpoint (based on loft/length) to the Rogue X line (or whatever Callaway will roll out as equivalent in 2020, think I saw it called Mavrik? Maybe?). Cheers, and have fun out there in 2020 fellow golfers!

  5. Nice review Joel, very comprehensive. Horrid clubs, ugly and tasteless. A 4 iron at 39.25 inch length and 18 deg is basically a 2 iron. This loft jacking is getting ridiculous, guys gaming these are going to be ignored in any club/distance discussions with their mates. Are these going to enhance or hurt TM's brand?

  6. SIM driver looks like Cobra F9 and these SIM irons look like my F9 irons with an ugly bridge welded on. Are TM just a year behind Cobra?!! Great review again Joel. Ta

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