Taylormade SIM Max Irons | Initial Testing

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TXG Tour Experience Golf says:

*Note: We know these irons are not designed for every golfer. We know the lofts are very strong. They're meant for a player who adds a lot of dynamic loft and can't get enough distance on their irons. To those complaining about us doing testing at the Taylormade facility, that's how we were given access to the product ahead of release. These are meant to be initial tests as the titles state. We always reserve our full testing and reviews for when we get back to the studio.

Jim Naz says:

this is my go to place for any trustabel golf information. i trust these guys.

James Patrick says:

That is one sweet crisp swing. I will be thinking about that swing next time I go to the range. I should have it down in a couple of weeks….. : /


while hitting the SIM Max Offset, do you have to change the ball position

Justin Howard says:

Were the irons being tested normal stiff shafts?

Logan Lauffenburger says:

181 with your 7 iron I cant hit that with my 5 iron. God I suck lol

BrushyMtnGolfer says:

How do these compare to the M3 irons?

Lamar Roberts says:

Really enjoy your channel. Can you review the Sim OS Max vs the t400 soon?

gazza 355 says:

Are you going to be reviewing the callaway mavrik irons soon

Chad Gill says:

Kinda of too bad when they talked about sound at the beginning of video and then Matt hits them and they sound like he was hitting a driver. I know the indoor/outdoor bay exaggerates that but man, those sound terrible…

Steven Stewart says:

My question is this, are these super low lofts causing people to scoop the ball more because there's so little loft? I know I have more confidence look down at more loft no matter the number on the bottom.

Adrian Jackman says:

Not striking the ball like Matt seems a bigger problem than the clubs I play.

Bjarke Villadsen says:

Do you think tour player would play something like this in a 3 or 4 iron, to ekstra forgivness? or does the GAPR fit that nicely?

Parnop Siripornpak says:

Got to say, those irons looks nice. Got MP18 MMC but really considering buying SIM since I wanted to have something in total contrast and those smash factor is interesting. Great video guys.

t h says:

Thanks for initial test of clubs, as I have got a bit older I'm finding I don't compress the ball like I used to and I'm hitting up on the ball. Even though I know I'm doing it I can't seem to stop. I might give these a try.
When you do a full test it would be interesting to see how a higher handicapper gets on with the 5 and 6 irons to see if they are still comfortable hitting the lower lofts.

David Wilson says:

always love your content and appreciate your evaluation process. if you put me on "demo day" all fitters will fit me X Stiff heavy shafts. I have had the privilege to have two Pro fitters fit me for clubs and always ended up light weight stiff in irons and X stiff in driver. for me its more feel and not what's best for my swing speed, the ability to deliver a club on plane and consistent is why we need guys like yourselves. Happy new year and look forward to all the new reviews.

Ryan Sones says:

If todays big club manufacturing companies were smart, they would hire and collaborate with Ian and co-develop a player's line. While I realize Ian is not a club builder, his knowledge surpasses the tech/designer guys. Matty, you of course would retain your position as Ian's human hitting cyborg delivering buttery shots on demand! Nice work TGX! Well played and please, please keep pushing the envelope boys!

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