TAYLORMADE SIM2 MAX vs. SRIXON ZX7 // The 2021 Driver Bracket

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The last quarterfinal matchup of the 2021 Driver Bracket! The Taylormade SIM2 Max goes up against the Srixon ZX7 – find out which driver will advance to the semi-finals and face the PING G425LST!

0:00 // Intro
2:30 // The Action
11:22 // The Winner is…

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada



TXG Tour Experience Golf says:

To clarify – at 10:51 Ian only temporarily disabled two shots with the SIM2 for explanation purposes, these shots were not deleted from the data and yes we did include them in the final calculations. It was just to show that the dispersion circle in the software can be misleading at times.

Kerr Sturrock says:

I made birdie on Hogan's Alley on Sunday and my drive would definitely not have made the cut! High slice in the right rough around 17-20 MPH winds, tough day.

Rob Bernal says:

Toe bungar? Don’t mind if I rip one of those down the fairway. Thanks Ian for a new golf course phrase! Cheers mate

H says:

Yeah but is it worth the extra $$$$

hansi delk says:

Drivers are so similar now, its just about feel now almost.

Rob Coates says:

So GC Quad is having trouble measuring Matty's swing? More proof of how much of a beast he is.

Matt Coulson says:

Great video lads – it's always entertaining to see Matty hit the ball down the fairway and in to the next zipcode! 🙂 It's a shame to see some negativity in the comments – the vast majority here appreciate what you guys do! Cheers

Brian Throm says:

If a club gets redemption, it should be the club that was eliminated by the smallest adjusted margin. (adjusted margin =margin of defeat divided by total score)

Brian Throm says:

It’s sounds like it’s hard for Matty to switch between draw biased and fade biased clubs.
While the data can’t be compared to matches where both clubs share the same bias, the data of this match holds true. The winning club will have an improved score in rounds where biases align, so there’s no worry with it advancing.

Jason Drake says:

Is the Mizzy now the bracket favorite!?!

JC says:

This video should be entitled "How we orchestrate a win for Taylormade"

Darren Pinard says:

If you take out the bad shots it only hit good shot therefore it wins. Come on boys.

Taos1132 says:

Yes the Titleist coming from the “losers” bracket!

Phil DeCastro says:

Any thought to re-seeding based on how well of a "groove" Matt feels like he can stay in going back and forth between the two different heads? Might mitigate some of that issue you two were discussing.

Bob Zielinski says:

Fellas, great competition and great content. Why not for the next bracket allow for 2 spots (one or none if necessary) where a driver that performs very well and would have won in other matchups, gets a wildcard spot. So your Final Four could have 5 or 6 drivers and the 4 seed and/or 3 seed has to beat the wild card driver to advance?

Jose Hernandez says:

I swear I would literally pay anything to have Matt's swing

PNW_Golf says:

I just watch based on the offline, the couple yards in between these in distance mean nothing compared to the few yards offline. That’s easy tree line

mcj1992GOE says:

The Srixon/Callaway/Titleist burner accounts came alive huh ? if you got triggered by the bracket, I feel bad for you, mate. These are ALL phenomenal drivers, so the biggest takeaway from the bracket and all of their previous videos is this: GET FITTED. PERIOD. What works for Matt & Ian may or may not work for your own game. You can't please everyone, keeping pushing forward Ian, Matt, & the TXG team! Anyone thinking they have an agenda is simply a casual to the channel. All the best to you all, cheers!

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