TaylorMade SLDR Distance #NoChallenge Part 1

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TaylorMade SLDR Distance #NoChallenge Part 1 featuring Johan Carlsson European Tour player. Watch Mark take on the TaylorMade LoftUp Swedish golfer at a long drive competition. Using their SLDR drivers in the long drive comp to see who really is sneaky long. Johan is 6 foot 5 so this really is no real challenge for little old parfield.

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Mark, you have to bring the Gorilla on these distance challenges, it would
be awesome to see have the Tour players react when the Gorilla outdrives
them by 30 yards 

DMac4077 says:


MattGamesAlot says:

Where’s the Gorilla when you need him 

Raymond K says:

Where’s the gorilla when we need him?

Matthew Collins says:

Why is Mark so short…..i mean im crap and hit it bout that!

Ian Blackburn says:

I didn’t realise Thor played golf #SLDRhammer

chamilitary999 says:

Would be perfect if you’ve shared the GC2 data :), What was his ball speed
and Club head speed ? :)

john gerken says:

i got that mini driver and im a nike guy but im in love with it. i
sometimes out drive my own driver cause i draw the mini and fade my driver

kfwade says:

you should start a segment called “Joes vs Pros” it would be hilarious

Greg Horne says:

How tall are you +mark crossfield

Digby Howis says:

#boomsomething #wheresgorillawhenyouneedhim

PaveLowExpert says:

Mark I’m not sure what you expected from this challenge, you are not even
long compared to your playing partners and they’re rubbish. 

stephen childs says:

That chap is an animal!!! But can he chip and putt

Timothy Wiria says:

Boom del la boom

Google-is-a-pain says:

Maybe a ‘Battle of the 3’s….3 iron vs Mark’s 3 wood’….might have been a
bit more competitive?

9tube1 says:

I agree with Benchinho. Extremely smooth swing from the big guy to carry
over 300 yards, as opposed to Mark coming out of his shoes on his first
strike. But on an 18-hole contest, I’d think Mark would have the advantage.

Thumper15 says:

Kudos Mark for filming/sharing this!!!! Johan is a BIG boy! If I were
you, I’d probably just hand him my driver and walk off to the next booth!!!
ha ha Thanks Mark!

Big Gazza says:

I would like to see Kevin Harper, I reckon a couple of videos ago he was
crushing the driver.

Matthew Collins says:

@Mike Bxx, what a stupid thing to say. Read what i said you plonker! z

andymacduff2 says:

What a course that is mark. Played it three times and it’s stunning 

Jeff Schroth says:

#DavidAndGoliath #LiloAndStitch I think I played that guy in my
Wednesday Night 9-Hole league match last night. #EmbarassingDefeat 

Ryan P says:

the craziest part is, that guy looked like he wasn’t even swinging.

Joshua Rainey says:

The BuzzMan would’ve been a better competitor in that challenge, Mark.
#LoftUp #PoorBuzza

Brian Ford says:

#poorbuzza Don’t want you to top it #norespect 

Ben Plester says:

great stuff mark, you are truly the big dog, especially with that shaft ;)

MrCheatreporter says:

Good luck trying to beat a Pro player no matter how far you hit the ball :o)
Nice vid Mark,keep it up…

Jonny Mcleod says:

I used ti caddie at trumps course, i only live 5 mins away shit i i knew
you were there defo would have checked it out

Steve Holmes says:

What is that “TC2” That measures distance and where can I get one?

Evan Quigley says:

Ya should have let the buzz man out drive him mark!!!

JimmyJimmy says:

the dude belongs on Game Of Thrones

min kim says:

take gorilla!! lol
Good try tho

marXman9573 says:

305yd carry 0.6 left… ha ha mental!!!

KJMSr1 says:

You were aiming too high taking on a guy that tall. Find somebody more your

Stuart McDonagh says:

He really was a giant human!

David Couch says:

Schooled by the big man

Hammertimemoves says:

mark used his pat pat 

benchinho says:

pretty smooth swing…

Erikxson says:

Swedish power!

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