TaylorMade SLDR Driver Review

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Jesper Rodin Augustsson says:

i love mine, 11.5

Bill Reynolds says:

I too did not care for the white head, nice to see the dark finish return,
they waited to long on the r1 to make the change as the new model was
released right after.

Stefan Verhoeven says:

So the contrast factor was always there in drivers with a metallic face and
normal crown. Great driver, but their marketing is way off.

tom goat says:

nice review but not for 500 big ones

Luther Riddler says:

I got a 9.5 SLDR. I upgraded the shaft to a Fubuki Stiff and set up the
driver to a 10.5. Massive drives. It’s really easy to use. I set it up for
a slight fade which helped my accuracy. I like it much better than my
Titleist D2 and D3. I’m getting 270+!

Mububban23 says:

It’s one thing to invent a technology, it’s another to refine it and make
it successful in the marketplace. How many tour pros won events with the
Mizuno driver or Wilson irons? I don’t know but the SLDR and Rocketbladez
have already had multiple wins on the PGA and European tours. And I don’t
own a single piece of TM equipment so I’m no fanboy. Just give credit where
it’s due. Hate the marketing BS all you want (I do too), but you can’t say
the products don’t perform very well.

Damon George says:

Another “longest ever” driver from TM, does anyone actually buy in to this
BE? Anyway they bring out a new one every 6 month’s, wonder if that will be
their longest yet? Its enough to make you heave!

AJCgolf says:

Hate to break it to all you TM fans but the SLDR technology is not new at
all. Just like the way the rocketbladez speed slot was done by Wilson 30
years ago the SLDR technology was done by mizuno 4/5 years ago with the
Mp-600 driver. I hate the way TM make good clubs and then feel the need to
use stupid marketing that in some cases borders on lies.8

Alex Tan says:

i bot the R1 US specs but did not work for me at all. I just bot the SLDR
and immediately i love it u have confidence using it at the tee the ball
just shoots off the face if u set the loft higher than your norral u see
you ball airborne and u will be surprised at the distance u get u can see
your ball draw or fade deprnding on what u set the driver to be. good club
for high to mid handicappers i am playing off 18

User 212 says:

“The contrast between the charcoal grey finish on top AND a silver
face..contrast.. alignment…etc” If this deserves mention of note then I
cant take you seriously

Johnjayhawk83 says:

THEIR longest drive ever. .. Not saying the longest ever invented.

Jazacad says:

“The longest driver ever” I can’t believe anybody takes TM marketing

andy walker says:


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