TaylorMade SLDR Driver

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TaylorMade SLDR Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Watch as Mark hits the new TaylorMade golf driver with SLDR technology for more control with your driver tee shots. The SLDR driver from TaylorMade golf is made with all golfers in mind, with the likes of US Open Champion Justin Rose using it along with many handicap golfers enjoying the look and feel of this golf club. Mark takes the driver out onto the 8th hole at Stover Golf Club and hits it off this very tight tee and attempts to hit the fairway with good distance. Play your best golf with the best golf equipment for your golf game.

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All the negative comments, I just don’t understand. I bought an SLDR 430cc
TP driver with a 77gram shaft, from ebay, brand new for $265. It is the
best, most solid driver I have ever owned and it looks great. It is much
more stable and I think is a little longer than anything previously. I am
hitting a consistent draw and the reduced spin built into this club is
absolutely superior than anything Taylormade had in the past and really
easy to control.

philip o reilly says:

hi Mark ,are you still using this driver?
i am a 28 handicaper and want a new driver its between the ping g30 and the
sldr ,which one is more friendly ?

Vincent Sandford says:

I tried a SLDR with 12 degree loft, standard shaft and sole adjustment
yesterday at TaylorMafe’s clinic in Assen The Netherlands and loved it.
Easy to use over my TaylorMade R580 model and the carry off the tee with
range balls was 180 metres and about 25 metres more over my current driver
(old and probably illegal to use in competitions – spring rate too high).
Having seen this video before my test I was able to fully evaluate the
club and took your comments into my evaluation. Reducing angle of attack
lowered the ball spin and contributed to a higher flight and longer ball
carry where all your suggestions and made me look like an informed
potential custmoer. Unfortunately total distance was only 15 metres

aussie battler says:

I bought an SLDR driver 9.5 with has been adjusted to 8.5 and set up for a
draw last week with a TP stiff shaft to my amazement I’m 10 To 15 meters
past my old driver an RBZ stage 2 tour even my playing partners can’t
believe the distance I have picked up and I can’t in saying that I’m
hitting 8 irons to long par fours instead of 5 and 6 irons. 

Taira Te Rito says:

Have never liked Taylormade for the reason that they seem to produce clubs
too frequent, however, this is the best driver I have ever had. Long,
Straight…what else do you want. Adjustable is cool too. 

Mark Crossfield says:

Taylormade SLDR driver review with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru

Mark Clayton says:

I think it’s great that company’s put out new clubs so often. It makes it
easy to get a good deal on clubs with newer technology.

Roger Tunstall says:

I’ve recently swapped from an R11s to a SLDR 10.5* regular (Set to 11.5*).
What a fantastic club!!!! My drives are now 30 to 40 yards longer and far
more accurate. Although my irons, 3 wood & 5 wood are Callaway, I would not
change my TM SLDR driver. The best thing TM have produced.

David Hannaford says:

Went to a Taylormade demo day at my local club yesterday as my Ben Ross
driver I have had for 2 years split on the sole. So I tried a few
different set ups on the SLDR and settled for a 12 degree reg shaft. I
must say that it looked good at address and I hit it more consistently.
You pay your money and take your chance. Yes Taylormade do bring out to
much and it can be confusing but if it fits wear it.

Chris Butler says:

Mark – I personally have always not liked the Taylormade line, what I like
to call “longer drives through marketing” which is alot like what we say
about Bose “better sound through marketing” in my line of work. But I have
a friend that is tour player for Taylormade and I hit his 430cc SLDR…I
was amazed on the feel and distance, I have a naturally high ball flight so
this fits me well…and the new Tour Preferred X version two ball(on tour
not in stores) is incredible as well. Now I am on the fence with there
drivers and not hating them.

dan l says:

absolute right on the marketing department of taylormade. Confusing line

chev202 says:

the truth is that most touring pros could use some cob web infested, pawn
shop driver and crank it out there 300 yards. so, before rushing out to
dick’s sporting goods, reconsider that a new driver is not going to do much
for you, except take you back a few hundred bucks. it’s all about talent,
practicing and good ole clubhead speed.

Mark Crossfield says:

SLDR Taylormade Driver review more reviews to come to test the SLDR rail
when Mark is back from his hols. 

Mike M says:

Not much of a review this time Mark? The main part of the driver is the
slider yet you failed to test it on the different settings?

TheGolfdaily says:

Taylormade changes their product far too often, and it is hard to take them
seriously anymore. 

Paul Molina says:

TaylorMade does spew out new drivers on an industrial level but no one is
making you buy them. Fact is all drivers are expensive but in 6 months
when TM drops something new, the SLDR becomes way more affordable while
other brands stay expensive. I really wanted the new Titleist D13, waited
a year and it’s still $400. I’m leaning SLDR but have to demo it on the
course first.

justin Reinman says:

Thanks Mark, another good video

Jay Salitza says:

I agree with many of the comments already posted. I would like to try the
SLDR, but generally feel as though Taylor Made purposely holds back on
technology just to come out with a new club just a few months later. How
different is the SLDR from their previous R1, which nobody on tour uses
anymore. Have you compared SLDR to the new Big Bertha? 

big pun says:

what do you set it to if you have a bit of a slice? thank you for the

Danny Kopp says:

looked like you took the club a fraction on the outside when you took it

Felipe Akagawa says:

Im looking forward seeing Mark’s review on Bio Cell + vs NIKE VRS covert

Alan Bruce says:

I really like the SLDR. I got my numbers to where taylormade wants them to
be 17 launch and 1700rpm and I lofted up from a 8.5 to 10.5 so for me what
they are saying worked also hit it 311 so for me I liked it. 

frostiecfc says:

can anyone give me quick answer please iv been looking at the sldr tp and
the normal sldr is there any difference in the standard sldr & the tp
version just seems a lot more in price?? thanx

cubsrock10997 says:

Finally headed somewhere warm for a week in the coming weeks with some
buddies of mine and I already gave one of these ordered! Cant wait for it
to get here and go to the warm weather to use it!

Matthew Harvey says:

Taylor made r1

Dtyler171 says:

Taylormade makes REALLY good stuff. I don’t mind them coming out with clubs
constantly, because I am not the one dumb enough to buy them all…

Bardown Rush. says:

I chose the SLDR over the 2014 Callaway Big Bertha, good or bad choice?

david crawford says:

To Scott Bryant can we assume your still using steel shafted persimmon
woods and blades you owe it to yourself to hit this loft up you will be
amazed regardless of what you think of TM

Michael Allgeier says:

I love the sport of golf and i think this driver will help me out a lot
with the slidable weight to help with my accuracy and because the weight is
in the front it help you get distance that is what i think of the sldr

Chris Turnbull says:

Not a Taylormade fan but this driver is in my bag. ball speed went up
straight away.
used titleist gear all my golfing life and had no hesitation to take my 913
out of the bag. Cheers.

patrick C says:

I’m still using a Ping G2 with Alvida NS350s shaft, I’ve tried several
newer drivers each time I visit the range and none seem to warrant the
price tag. Even a Taylormade fitting for RS it was marginally improving
dispersion but those reps are reluctant to give you a hand out of the data,
they pass you onto a sales agent “who has your dialled in details”. I think
the ball you play can make a big improvement before a $500 club (if you
strike reasonably constantly – I’m off 7)

Cameron Smith says:

i agree taylor made have more clubs out than my corner shop has sweeties
only thing is they charge a fortune for them and five mins later there’s an
update!! good clubs but too expensive 

tillsy23 says:

I think I will be getting this driver next even though taylormade produce
clubs like its a race I see the good side of that being plenty of R&D
constantly. I have been using a Callaway razr fit xtreme for 6 months and
hit average 200-220m drives on good days I borrowed a friends old golden
bear driver (never heard of it before) and smashed the ball a whopping dead
straight 250 meters so I assume technology helps somewhat but a bit of luck
can really do wonders too!

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