TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid V RBZ Stage 2 Hybrid

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TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid V RBZ Stage 2 Hybrid
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Iain M says:

Rick. On the subject of SLDR I am looking at the fairway as a replacement
to my RBZ stg 2 tour, Been watching a few reviews and can you do a video
comparing the sldr 15 degree, sldr 17 hl version and the tp version. The
rbz stg2 is 14.5 and bit low launching

Golf Buddy says:

What about the stage 7 rocket jet super speed 4.0?

golfninja says:

Interesting that the longest shot with the SLDR (233 carry, 238 – came down
like a butterfly!!) came with the ‘slowest’ clubhead speed (95.8) but best
SF 1.52. Timing, rhythm & balance :)

Tom Strong says:

you still didn’t say which one you preferred? 

Adam Giageos says:

the main difference between these two clubs is that the ball is going to
roll less and land much softer with the SLDR. Look at the average roll the
shots get with the RBZ Stage 2 vs. the SLDR. The SLDR rolls on average 5.2
yards while the RBZ rolls 6.8. He also is hitting the SLDR higher which
gives it that soft landing that everyone wants. Just my input but thats
what i see based on the numbers. 

Jeremy Kresge says:

Funny how everyone wants to crucify taylormade for putting out 3 or 4 clubs
per year but we dont say a word about other companies doing the same damn
thing. Didnt callaway put out 3 drivers in a 4 month span? X hot, xtreme,
optiforce 440 and optiforce 460, plus that white piece of junk they put out
too. So thats 5 drivers this year but nobody rides them, just taylormade.
Tell me how the club performs not whether or not you like the company.

lethomadness says:

6 degrees i would be jumping into a fire not hiting golf balls shit i dont
think its ever beent hat cold where i live in australia haha

spookyfish says:

Massive difference in spin numbers between the two

Jake Parker says:

I’d love to see titleist 913f and D3 vs the sldr.

Iain M says:

Is there much difference between the stage2 and the stage2 tour which has

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