TaylorMade SLDR iron review

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AliTaylorGolf says:

Thanks for the comment,I agree more backspin would be needed, these irons
didn’t create much spin for me but I would be playing a softer ball myself.
Certainly these would be great for guys who spin the ball too much. I just
try and test the clubs with the same golf balls and give some feedback from
my perspective.

JAG sixtyfive says:

14 yards of run out from a 7 iron isn’t really playable in many cases
though is it? I mean, what if the pin is 5 yards on the green, and there
was a bunker or water at the front of the green? Hope the Greens are soft?
The absolutely closest you’d be able to get to the pin is 9 yards past! And
that’s the absolute minimum, 27ft past the pin. It’s more likely the ball
will always be 30-40 ft past the pin. Not that good with a 7 iron. Looks
like a little more spin going into a green is needed, 4200rpm with 7 iron
is nowhere near enough, and the decent angle doesn’t come close to making
up for all that roll out.

Tony Hollway says:

I was thinking about either getting the CB’s or the sldr irons can you do a
head to head and tell which one goes longer, higher? feels better?

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