TaylorMade SLDR S Driver

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TaylorMade SLDR S Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the SLDR S driver from TaylorMade golf and talks about spin, launch and distance with the help of numbers from GC2. The SLDR with its loft up ads and low spin has been in the golf bag of AskGolfGuru for a few months now and the S with its grey finish and fixed neck might be making into his bag too. Hit long drives with low spin with the SLDR low forward CG spin model.

32 thoughts on “TaylorMade SLDR S Driver

  1. I actually play the 12* Mini driver and really like it , its actually
    longer then my fit driver !
    I was able to hit a Demo SLDR 12* driver on the range today and it was a
    bomber and balls went straight for me so may have to try the Bonded SLDR S
    in 12* .
    Keep the reviews coming Mark ! Thanks for all your time with the videos

  2. Mark I would be interested to see what you thought of the MD Superstrong
    Superfit TI driver in comparison to the Taylormade SLDR. The difference in
    cost between them is £100 versus £360 in my local shop. The two drivers
    have similar characteristics such as adjustable lofts but i’d like to know
    how the stats of the two drivers compare and is the Taylormade worth the
    extra £260. Love the videos keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Mark, I just bought one of these yesterday in a 10deg with regular
    Taylor stiff shaft. While my iron striking has generally been strong (to
    the point that I now play a UDI 1 iron) I have always struggled with my
    driver. At the fitting I dropped 1000 spin compared with my old Callaway X
    hot driver and was losing less fades to the right and even managed some
    light draws with the slidey thing on max draw bias. Keep up the reviews!!
    Finally, do you still do lessons? I am moving to the UK next year from
    Australia and would be keen.

  4. I tested the SLDR the other day and tried their cute little “loft up”
    thing, and it didn’t work for me at all. The fitter had it set up at 10*
    loft and a 77 gram X shaft. Spun waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. More than my
    current driver. He decreased the loft to 8.5 (my current loft) and it was a
    good shot. Bit better than my current driver, but I’m guessing that was
    just the shaft. Loft up is a good concept, but not for me. 

  5. Been wondering why Buzzman hasn’t lofted up yet…You should chant at him
    when he finally gets one on a course vlog. “ONE OF US, ONE OF US, ONE OF

  6. Have you done a numbers crunch on the 430cc vs 460cc? I’m about ready to
    take the SLDR plunge but am leaning towards the 430. I have never been
    comfortable with the toaster on a stick look of the 460 heads. I hit my
    tiny little Cleveland Launcher fairway clubs just fine, so I should be able
    to put the 430 head on the ball. Just wondering if you see any performance

  7. I think it would be helpful if you hit a few shots with your current,
    equivalent club before you shoot the video and record your numbers. It
    would be nice to see the comparisons with the clubs you test and the clubs
    you game. Great videos Crossfield!

  8. I like TM, despite the constant releases of clubs. I like the grey and I
    also like the white SLDR. It feels a bit like TM are just trying to milk
    money at this stage rather than their stock reasoning that they release
    when they can bring better tech to the game and thus improve us. 

  9. In addition to the high loft range, the SLDR S includes one other departure
    for TaylorMade: The S models do not have the rotating adjustable hosel that
    has been a big part of the company’s metalwood technology since 2009.
    Instead, the heads are bonded to the shaft, saving weight that can be used
    to lower center of gravity. The driver does feature the sliding sole weight
    designed to enhance draw or fade bias. 

  10. Mark, here’s what sold me on the stock SLDR over the S:

    the benefit of the traditional SLDR for someone who is an improving golfer,
    or a high handicapper working on his game, is that by having an adjustable
    neck it allows you to lower your loft as your swing improves and angle of
    attack gets better. It gives you more flexibility over the time.


  11. Like the comparison between yours and Steve Buzza’s numbers. Still not
    converted to Taylor Made, not sure why, but may be temped to ‘Turbulate’ as
    I need the help.

  12. Taylor made said whit the glued version of sldr s they were able to push
    the cg a little more front
    And take off more spin then the original great thing ;0)

  13. Getting the exact same club on Tuesday Mark, so thanks for the video. Gone
    up 1 degree after fitting so hopefully this will improve my driving.feels
    so good and easy to hit.

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