TaylorMade SLDR S Fairway Wood

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TaylorMade SLDR S Fairway Wood Review
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests the latest TaylorMade SLDR S Hybrid in 22 degree using GC2 launch monitor technology!

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Steve Kujan says:

I picked up the SLDRs 17 toward the end of the 2014 season and have gained
confidence with it. Prefer it over the 19 hybrid which launches too low
for me. I do have the 22 hybrid and really like it. Looking forward to
using the 17 off the tee on tight holes and trying to reach par 5s in two.

Jóhannes Bjarki Sigurðsson says:

I just ordered a SLDR S 3 wood in very good condition for 95$ plus
shipping. Can’t wait to hit it although I can’t hit it outside because of
snow. Thanks for the review Rick. Greetings from the cold up here in

Iain M says:

Hi Rick, Hope your well and enjoying the ryder cup. I recently bought an
sldr driver and love it compared to my R1. Im now looking to go to a sldr
fairway and am undecided between the sldr and sldr s. I have watched your
videos and am looking to see if you can answer a few questions. Is there
any differences between the shafts? Is the face closed on the sldr s? Did
they launch any different? Which one was more forgiving?


JAG sixtyfive says:

Just for info. You mention in the vid that the shaft on the SLDR S Fairway
is shorter than the standard SLDR Fairway. That is true in the higher
lofts, but in the 15* 3 Wood that you tested, the shafts lengths of the
SLDR and SLDR S are exactly the same @ 43.25″.

fullwerkes says:

+RickShielsPGAGolf – I still dont get why the mini is in the bag? You hit
this club further as the results show. Of course the concern with the club
is that it wont hold a green potentially however neither will the mini?
Could the GC2 need ‘reconfiguring’. The results seem strange from club to

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Video: TaylorMade SLDR S Fairway Wood Review using #GC2 

Kyle DeSantis says:

If you were to choose between this, the Ping G30, and the jetspeed fairway
woods, which would you choose? And what about for a higher handicap golfer?

Blake zurliene says:

Sounds like its hard to know how far you hit it?

John White says:

That’s the first time that I’ve heard the glued head “feels” more solid
than an adjustable one. Thanks for reviews as always!

JAG sixtyfive says:

Nice interesting Vid Rick. Interesting that spin rates with the SLDR S
fairway were lower than the SLDR Mini for you personally. Strange, that a
Club like the Mini which professes to be a 3 wood/Driver alternative is
spinning more than a shallow faced sibling, and therefore loses distance to
the SLDR S Fairway. Very interesting.

David McKeown says:

Hi Rick, great review. I have this club, and it is long. I do find it
better of the fairway than a tee. Im not a big hitter but when I get hold
of it does go a long way.

Clay Fleming says:

I find it interesting you hit this so much longer than the 14* SLDR mini. I
tested the mini in 14* as well and found that if I tee it a 1/2 inch higher
I hit it much farther. I averaged 265 – 270 carry with it, for comparison I
carry the Bertha 3 wood 255. I have not tested the SLDR S 3 wood, but now I
can’t wait to try it.

jbss7382 says:

Really interesting review. Be very interesting to see this reviewed against
the Mizuno range

Clay Fleming says:

Great video Rick. Because people tend to swing better or worse on a
particular day I would love to see this head to head with the X2 Hot.

John Clausen says:

I might pick one of these up. I stayed away from the mini-driver because it
looked like it would be too hard to hit off the deck (with the big head and
deep face), but this one looks nice. Plus, it’ll match my SLDRs driver. I
love the metallic-grey to black look. 

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