Taylormade SLDR vs M1 2017

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xknBJFIEB0 – SLDR Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxE84aMPZiY&t=7s – M1 2017 Review

Taylormade SLDR vs M1 2017 reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. This is a on course and dry ball data test to show you the difference between Taylormade's latest M1 driver for 2017 vs the old SLDR which changed the game in CG placements. Post your comments and tell me what driver you would go for and why. This is an interesting one.

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Gary Denton says:

I took the front weight right out of my SLDR and put lead tape on the back. Voila. M2!

Joseph Smith says:

I own both. Cracked my R11 the night before I was to play Torrey Pines in 2014 (week of Farmers Insurance Open) and had to visit a late night Golfsmith who sold me a SLDR for cheap. Played great. Years later, put the M in my bag and liked it. Took the old SLDR out today and was crushing it. Longer than my M by 10-20 yards and straighter. Going back to the SLDR.

strickstang85 says:

The R9 Supertri tp is just as good as any of those drivers and looks much nicer! Anybody agree?

Arvind Das says:

Doesnt make much difference its just thatu keep paying as you do to microsoft! Keep fucking upgrading! If ur bored!

TJ Shine says:

Pretty funny, I had a Taylormade Demo gent at my club a few weeks ago, I tried hitting the new 17 M1 and M2 Drivers (95mph swing speed) both clubs were going 250-260. He asked what my driver was and I pulled out my SLDR 460 and hit three balls 260-270. He leaned over and whispered that he too was still playing with his SLDR, not a new M1 or M2 driver.  Hmmmmm….

madskrillz2 says:

I feel like SLDR is still probably the longest and lowest spinning driver they have made. The problem I had with it is it seemed to exaggerate my misses. A miss with the driver I play now will still be in play. With SLDR, more often than not, I was OB or in a hazard.

AshleyDeon Erasmus says:

Thanks Mark. I have the SLDR S 12 degree and XR16 , and find the SLDR easier to hit and carry it longer.
Gary Player has been saying it for years, the distance is in the ball. I switched to titleist prov1x
and the difference was significant.

C - MAC says:

So how wide,,when added together,,were those 2 side by side fairways that for some reason you could not hit<:( Just curious.

Jukka Kymäläinen says:

These on cource testings reviews are great! You can see the results in real world. It would bee also interesting too see less spinning chunky irons against more spinning bladed irons. What is the difference in real world?

Scott Davis says:

Thanks for this email. My swing speeds are close to yours and this really helps me deciding what driver to purchase.

James Elms says:

You didn't get 2 strikes the same with the clubs in the video, I have the SLDR still as nothing has come up that would warrant me spending another £300+ on a new driver, I don't see 5 yards more distance is worth the extra £££££ so will stick with the trusty SLDR. Which I thought may have been the case with the test. Plus you didn't hit it any further lol.

qudjy1 says:

I think there is something to be said about the added weight of the adjustabilty built into the new clubs. His SLDR is the bonded model. Get custom fit and forget the adjustable weights and hozels.

Mark Kirk says:

I really like and appreciate the on course testing, it gives a better sense of meaning to me

Si Rasputin says:

sldr was a sham for the ordinary consumer. I don't know any handicapped player who could hit that club well consistently… fcuk taylormade

David Hanson says:

Thanks after seeing other pros knock the M2 30yds past the SLDR I thought I might swap my SLDR for the M2 now its staying in the bag!

ThisLadWayne says:

Just here to see that jacket.

Mark sherrington says:

I'll keep my SLDR and spend the money on a trip to Amsterdam 🙂

jelayne says:

Thanks Mark, now I will keep my SLDR for another year or so. Money saved

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