Taylormade SpeedBlade Irons

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Review of the Taylormade SpeedBlade Irons by Award winning PGA Professional Matthew Conner,

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Matthew's most recent awards ‘Golf Foundation PGA Professional of the year 2009', ‘Scarborough & District Sports Coach of the Year 2010' and former PGA Rookie of the year.

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John M says:

Why is TM keeps bringing out new clubs every 6 months, and why is it that
they are concentrating so much towards distance and not produce a nicve
forged feel with decent dispersion like Mizunos and Titleists. Which do you
you recommend if someone was asking between Rocketbladez and Speed blades
or should wait 6 months for another to come out that goes even further?

sean craig says:

You’re right about the distance gaps, i bought the speedblade 3 iron, now i
might have to buy the whole set because my old set 4 iron is way shorter.

Kieran Phoenix says:

Matthew, Couple of questions I hope you don’t mind

You said you would have to buy the whole set 3-lw for it work but would it
be ok if you got them 3-pw and bought other wedges at the same specs as
these ?

And would you recommend getting the 3 iron or a 3 hybrid with the same
specs ? would the set still work the same with no gaps ?, im a mid to high
handicapper but got a pretty decent swing.

Thanks for your time

SnaintonGolf says:

Thank you! Good point regarding using more clubs I will try get more in the
future, but Taylormade only sent me three clubs. Cheers Matthew

brian fullam says:

In your very much viewed & respected opinion..playing of 7 handicap moving
from taylormade tp blades to either the speedblade or mp-64 …i used to
play mizunos and loved the feel of them..help really confused!!

SnaintonGolf says:

I would say more subtle than the rocketbladez

SnaintonGolf says:

I would say similar

SnaintonGolf says:

Thank you, I will have to organise a game!

Carlier99 says:

Could you do a review of the cobra amp cell irons?

Partyboyz97 says:

I hope you are just swinging soft because I hit my rocket blade 5 iron
about 210 and I’m only 16…

brian fullam says:

Just decided to change ,tp’s are a great iron but no great feel like my old
mizunos ,I’ve lost 2 shots with the tp’s but just thinking of upgrading!

SnaintonGolf says:

Good distance, keep practising!

SnaintonGolf says:

I would go more for the 64’s as they are closer to what you use at the
moment and feel better than the speeblade

SnaintonGolf says:

On the list! I am just starting to film the Hybrid and fairway Shootout

failandprevail says:

Does Taylormade know what a blade is?

SnaintonGolf says:

I am not to sure on the stats but golf clubs are helping to make the game
easier hitting it further and straighter. Most golfers I know have dropped
their handicap either a small or large amount each year and scoring is for
sure going lower. I am guessing every year golf club lose lower handicapped
members and gain new beginner higher handicap golfers which keeps the stats
similar? Just a guess?

Darth Fader says:

Do you feel these launch higher than the rocketbladez?

Eugene Robson says:

Do they sound like fire crackers going off like the rocketbladez?

alex smith says:

No one cares if you hit a 5 iron 210.

Ray M says:

Length and jacked loft is all it is. But they market like geniuses. I’ll
stick to more honest clubs.

Attiyah Mirza says:

excellent review only comment would be that i would like a review based on
using more of the individual clubs rather than just the 3 iron

SnaintonGolf says:

I have gone more cavity long irons and hybrids. There are still guys who
like hitting long irons (cavity and blades) and not hybrids as they feel
like the heads cut through the rough better then hybrids. For mid handicap
golfers cavity long irons and one hybrid is the norm. Cheers Matthew

SnaintonGolf says:

Sorry I do not understand

MacClellandMan says:

210 pounds and 16 years old? Well, I guess that could be a good weight
depending on your height. Now, about hitting your 5i 160 yards…

Carlier99 says:

Cool thanks cause im thinking of buying them!

brian fullam says:

Thanks for the replys on my inquiries regarding iron change we were having
a great discussion and a buddy recommended to also look at mp-54’s as i
started with the mx-23 irons many a year gone he reckons i’ll get a brand
new replica of them in the 54’s i hit the 64 the weekend standard set up
and as always you were right the feel was something special Thanks Brian.

MrGurra20 says:

Hi, I think you should do course vlog

SnaintonGolf says:

You are correct they do seem to be keen to keep using the blade name in a

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