TaylorMade Swing Robot: Pebble Beach

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Erich Fouke says:

Now have the robot take a divot behind the ball with a 5 degree open or
closed club face with the toe up or down and an early release. The club
used in this video never came into contact with the turf. This can cause
the club to do unpredictable things. Robots will always hit the ball
perfect with a perfect attack angle and sole impact. That is NOT what the
average golfer does. It only works for the PERFECT swing and is in no way
what the AVERAGE golfer should expect out of these clubs based on their
ability. Being a better golfer comes with practice and being on the right
path to a better swing. Clubs can help you hit it straighter but usually
will not have any impact on lowering score or HCP. 

Poonstar says:

Face angle and Path would be perfect by the Robot hence the accuracy of the
shots , I have no doubts these Clubs would help your average Golfer , but
there are many other Irons on the market that can do the same .

cgasucks says:

I would pay money to see a swing robot and a robot putter play all 18 holes
at Pebble Beach to see how low it can score..

LeTronold Palmer says:

I just got my RSi TP’s and I love them. I will say that this robot testing
is misleading. The average human playing the RSi 1 doesn’t make a swing
that just hits off the toe or heel, club faces aren’t square at impact most
of the time for the high handicappers, etc.

Brian Radebaugh says:

The one thing every amateur has to think about is that the robot doesn’t
let the club twist in the hands at rotation. But still a good product i

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