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Rick Shiels PGA Golf Coach is testing the new TAYLORMADE TOUR PREFERRED CB IRONS with the latest GC2 launch monitor. See how the new offering from TaylorMade matches up against the brutal testing.

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Lamarcus Brown says:

People always say what handy they recommend clubs for this are played on
tour by a bunch of guys and i think they are better than mid handicappers
play what you feel confident with no matter your handy cap 

mykmasters says:

I was able to get a new set of clubs for Christmas this year, i tried alot
of different irons but ended up picking these Taylormade TP CB’s.
Everything i was looking for was in these clubs. Forgiveness, accuracy and
of course long! They came with the KBS tour shaft which i love! I’m a 12
handicap and would recommend these for anyone wanting to improve there game
like i want to. 

Mrjamesgrimes says:

holy shit 40 yards peak height with a 7 iron?? 

chun hin Wong says:

Hi Rick, I am 20 handicap now, and I hit my 7 iron about 160yards, indeed I
am seeking for an accurate new set of iron, would you recommend the CB ?

chamilitary999 says:

Nice review, did You do the MB, only saw the MC. And CB

purificationman says:

would u recommend these irons too a 14-16 handicap

james ochsner says:

I’m currently a 8 handicap and have the callaway razr x black irons, and
I’m thinking of getting not so much of a cavity back and these look good,
do you think I should give these a try. Thanks

B.J. Engelbrecht says:

Good video Rick!!! Just want to know, I am currently playing with Cobra s2
irons and really thinking of upgrading to a better iron that doesn’t give
you such a bulky feeling like the Cobra s2… Would really like to improve
my game with better irons. Would you recommend the taylormade TP CB irons
if my handicap is 18? 

Sam Durward says:

Shouldn’t it go shorter with more loft ?

metamurph says:

It is interesting how TaylorMade went for 3 variations on a theme with
Speedblade and the two Tour Preferred options here. Beyond distance, I
think the other interesting test to through in is looking at forgiveness.
how much do they vary on heel/toe/thin/fat shots. My miss is usually a
groove or two low and compared with my trusty Mizuno MP-62s they launch
those thinnies a bit higher and longer

David Eaton says:

Hi rick thinking of replacing my R11 irons with these would it be worth it?
Thanks david 

jim lockerby says:

Just binned my i20,s for these with SL stiff shaft, sick of weights falling
out off the i20,s… 

PingDrv00 says:

Did you mean MC or MB in this video, as I have not seen your test on the
Musclebacks MB from TM?

Rick Paradis says:

Hi Rick, Currently play Rocketbladez Tour and the regular Rocketbladez on
occasion. Looking to go with one set. Between the CB and Nike Covert Forged
which do you prefer and why? Thanks

Ola Scholander says:

hi rick, will you review the hallway apex iron??

Aaron Thompson says:

Hi Rick, great videos. When are you uploading the MB testing? Also would be
interesting to see the numbers when comparing the RocketBladez Tour’s and
the MC’s.

Clay Fleming says:

Love the reviews. I would like to see the CB tested head to head against
the Speedblade if you could. The CB is smaller with less offset but
otherwise very similar so I would like to see how they compare on the GC2.

Thanks for the reviews, keep up the great work!

golfbuddy1969 says:

Rick, always enjoy your reviews. Is it just me, or doesn’t look identical
to SLDR irons, with a lighter chrome finish?

Dan says:

How much does the GC2 cost?

Alan Gamache says:

Looking to possibly upgrade my Taylormade R9 irons to these CB’s. Do you
think the technology has progressed enough to make it worth it? Thanks
Rick, great videos, keep them coming.

rmnmjf1 says:

Hi RIck.
I recently purchased a set of PIng S55 irons, and think I may have made a
I like the launch and ball flight, but find off centre hits a little bit of
an inferior feel to my previous forged set of jpx 825 pro irons.
Can you recommend a set of irons, either recent or 1 to 2 year old.
I play off a 3 handicap.
You also mentioned you changed your decision about getting the S55, what
did you decide on?

Sean Sack says:

GC2 is the truth! Respect

Keith Newton says:

Great review rick, is the cb a direct replacement for the rocketbladez tour
which I have and how would you say they compare, cheers rick

CHR15Y BoY says:

MB you mean MC???

Charles Balce says:

Rick, if you confirm, you should try tests off the grass and the thick
stuff too. As least you can see a dispersion with a pure strike and a
slight mishit.

Richard Roman says:

Love the looks of these irons. Would they be ok for a 15 handicap?

PingDrv00 says:

Could you feel any difference in feel between the two irons? Also could you
do a heads up against your S55’s and both the CB and MCs?

CHR15Y BoY says:

You need to take this video down, too many fuck ups in your description !!!

CHR15Y BoY says:

How much did that simulator cost £££

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