TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons

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TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the Tour Preferred golf irons from TaylorMade and talks launch, spin and distance with the help of GC2 HMT launch monitor. See if this tour inspired golf club could help you play some better golf and hit the golf ball closer to the hole. Improve your golf game with Marks simple and easy to understand golf videos are made to help you enjoy your golf game more.

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DjTak3On3 says:

I got the older version of these irons when I was a 7 handicap ..2 years on
now and I am just turning assistant professional.. I love the feel off of
them and the long irons perform great for me. I would recommend taylormade
irons to anyone

liam macloughlin says:

5 iron loft on CB is 24.5 degrees; MP64 five iron is 27 degrees. There is
your speed pocket

SuperShickey1 says:

Tried these and the Speedblades today at the range. Gorgeous clubs. Great
feel off the face, looks good behind the ball, not chunky at all, super
soft feel, lovely ball flight. Amazingly only 2-3 yards less carry than the
Speedblades, but lower flight allowed for more roll out. If anything they
felt even softer and sweeter than Speedblades, which to me didnt provide
enough feedback on impact and hit ball too high and ballooned. Off to have
a set custom fitted in a few days and cant wait.

steffen rakoll says:

5i with 16° launch is super high (for professionals!)
5i with 3400 spin is super low, even with the prov1X
are you sure you are getting the ballflight you want to have? that looks
like a random amateur scooped (not enough shaft lean) ballflight with a
flying high trajectory.

regular 7i is launched at around 13-17 (17 is really max, for high
trajectories). no professional launching it higher, so for a 5i you can
discount ca. 4 degrees on both ends as a launch-angle. and then with more
spin, you get the same height and a better landing angle.


Lee Thomas says:

Love your reviews Mark but seriously “you can’t feel anything” through the
hands? Really?….
Agreed the sound of impact may influence feel slightly but the hands 100%
do feel the quality of strike.
You mean to say when you completely toe a blade it sounds bad but you don’t
feel it in the hands?? Hmm.
I’d be willing to bet if you wore ear plugs/defenders and hit a few you’d
know if you struck it well.
Sorry but you keep mentioning this & it’s starting to bug me… Haha 😉
keep up the good work!

Iain M says:

Purchased a set of cbs 4 to pw 6 weeks ago and im loving them. They
replaced my 3 year old mp59s and they offer far more help. To be honest
they only look slightly chunkier and after a week you dont notice. They are
slightly cranked lofts as the 4 iron is about same loft as a traditional 3

David Eaton says:

How do these compare with the R11 irons I have please Mark?

ohwhatafinish1 says:

Not in focus mark, I’ll stick to my ap2’s, these cb’s wouldn’t fill me with
confidence head too small and the last set of clubs I had with a lot of off
set I threw in the lake. 

Daniel TheGolfShagger says:

I don’t have a low enough Handicap for these, but the SLDR irons look like
they might be a better fit. Any chance of reviewing those Mark?

Lebryant Jordanicus Walton says:

I have these irons had them fit they are fantastic

Dave Solomon says:

Following a recent visit to the local Pro, and a good session on the
flightscope – and out on the practice range – I’ve recently picked up a set
of these (4I-PW – plus a couple of ‘matching’ wedges) to replace my aging
set of Wilson Di6 cavity backs.

Playing around 18 HC, with a bit of fade to my general shot shape.

Saw some really interesting data coming off the flightscope showed a
significant reduction in (fade) sidespin from my current set – as well as a
decent increase in backspin. On the practice ground I hit a dozen or so 7
Iron shots with a very compact dispersion – even on a couple of shots hit
noticeably heavier.
Only managed the one round with them so far, but again they felt good to
hit (4I maybe a little ‘dull’ on most shots, but then I’ve been using a
hybrid for the past few years so may take me time to get the strike right)

Some great results with 6 to 9 irons into greens – arrow straight on well
struck ones, and minimal fade on the longer clubs when not quite timed
right. I even saw some evidence of actual backspin on a couple of occasions.

Early days yet, but they certainly feel good to me, and the look is great.

Schnicks_NZ says:

Still using my rac mb tp… Might have to have a look at the shiny new ones

Danial Hamzah says:

Still not sure about feel just being sound… A hit from the toe feels like
theres a lot more vibration than just sound imo.

Steve Evans says:

Hi Mark. Off topic this one. I just saw your interview on the Golf Digest
channel. Very enlightening. You kept that one quiet!

chamilitary999 says:

It seems that your spin is quite low with the CB which is interesting for

Tom Rouff says:

Great videos mark keep them up. I have these irons and they are not forged.
But I find that the speed pocket does help me a bit with the longer irons,
but feel wise not much. Could you test them agains the bio cell + and ap2
because i am tempted to trade them in for the either one. the feel on the
cobra’s and ap2 are better than the cb’s and the bio cell + are cheaper as
well. Also the ap2’s and bio cell + have more traditionall lofts and not
cranked up like the cb. 

Howie Doin says:

What sort of handicap do you think these irons would suit? I know its not
an ideal way to judge but just after some advice.
I’ve been play TM Burner Plus irons and they have taken me from a 27
handicap down to the 13 that i currently play off. Would you recommend
these irons to help get me into single figures?

MacClellandMan says:

Personally, my fitting numbers were slightly better without the speed
pocket. That is, higher launching (difference in loft might account for
this) and touch faster ball speed. Therefore, I purchased the Rocketbladez
HL instead of the regular Rocketbladez. TM was the clear winner for me over
all major brands. Gaming them six weeks now and improving every round. YMMV

tuomas seppälä says:

Could you do Adams Xtd range against Tm range of offerings? Maybe some tape
could help finding other parts of the face :)

Mr. TopRamen says:

Just a theory but maybe the speed pocket helps give some extra yardage
without having to make the club real chunky

BoyJD says:

Hi everyone, I’m just getting into golf and looking to buy a set of clubs
does it really matter what your handicap is to what clubs you buy? Surely
if you buy a set of clubs and stick with them you will eventually get use
to them and improve with them? Can anyone shed some light on this please?
Like I said I’m new to golf so go easy haha! 

dakota jones says:

I wanna say that only the whole blade set and the 8-PW in the MC version
are forged, but like you said Taylormade’s website doesn’t specify for

ken mackerel says:

you don’t think you can actually feel any difference between forged and
cast? perceived difference in feel is just based on sound? interesting. any
deaf golfers out there got an opinion? it’s an interesting one.

Paul Simon says:

Guy´s the CB has full cast heads. The MC 3-7 irons are cast and 8-PW are
The MB is full forged and has no speedpocket.

Strat TelePaul says:

The MC is their best iron and more forgiving than you may think.

Toby Newbatt says:

I finish work after a long day…and all I do is watch Mark Crossfield
videos :)

dustin chalifoux says:

Can you please test the new Adams XTD irons?

SatsumaBomb says:

They’re nice looking clubs, I’d like to give them a go 

Tyson Lindeman says:

Hey Mark! I bet I can beat you in a 9 hole course!!!

NWill13 says:

None of the CB’s are forged. Only MB’s and 8-PW of MC’s. 

Jesper Rodin Augustsson says:

i tested these and i like them alot.

ajegray1 says:

the big move from TM to kill off the adamsgolf brand! damn them!

Sgt Pepper says:

Sldr irons out soon

Christopher Monkhouse says:

Great review!

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

I have them. Great clubs. Minimal offset, good lines and a bit of help.
Cast, but if you are good enough to play blades, then get blades. And get
on a tour.

itubeutude says:

what’s wrong with a long iron head? More face should make it easier to hit.

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