TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF Wedge

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TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF Wedge reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark and Steve Buzza hit shots with the new TaylorMade wedge with its new face design and tour style shape. See if this wedge could help you improve your game around the greens with Marks simple and fun golf reviews.

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straight True says:

How many more wedges do you guys think you will have to test before a ball
drops into the hole on that short game practice area ? :)That second shot
is my short game to a tee.

Ferdinando Monitto says:

Hey mark where can I send you the video of my swing?

BANDANA960 says:

I’d go for the smoked black finish :D

Will Bick says:

Buzza looking immaculate as always

RingoFreakingStarr says:

I’ve hit this wedge quite a bit in the last week or so; the shape looks
VERY similar to my old CG 10 wedge…

craglyboy says:

Good review especially about the availability of different options. I would
of bought some new SM5’s already if I had the chance to try that k grind,
but no one seems to stock it.

fleshcookie says:

Buzza should talk to the camera instead of Mark, its like he’s looking for
Mark’s confirmation or something.

buzz harvey says:

Has Buzza shaved the hair off behind his ears and stuck it on his face?

Matthew Bidinger says:

not really a fan of the grey finish 🙁 i prefer chrome

GrandmasterN says:

Can you guys go play some golf, and film it for us please! Thanks!

Gabriel Moreno says:

Look at that hipster skin fade 

Gauthier Vuitton says:

can you make a review of the mp t5 of mizuno

Andy S says:

These wedges are way over priced!!!!! $160 per wedge !!!

Matthew Leone says:

Which do you prefer, this or the 588 rtx 2.0 from cleveland?

Vici Martynov says:

Think more people should buy specialist wedges, they really aren’t that
expensive and the improvement over set wedges is massive and its an
improvement where it matters most; round the green. I love my Nike VR
Forged Pros and most of the big makers make good ones. People seem to keep
changing their irons when just replacing their P and SW would massively
improve their existing set. About the biggest bang per buck you can get to
improve your game i think ;-)

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