Taylormade Tour Preferred Irons TP, CB,MC

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SHAWN washington says:

I have the mc Taylormade irons my hc is 19 should i keep them´╗┐

Skill00Z says:

lol u have ur own range ?


Hello very good explain , what are you thinking about the MB iron , touch,
confort , et powerfully , for my index 7 Thanks

Dustin Jensson says:

Thisted taylormade irons are the most ugly irons i ever seen!!!!

Ian Leader says:

will you please compare them 3 irons the cb mb mc against the mizuno mp53s
please because i went and bought the mizunos mp 53s a while back and i
really like them but i was a big taylor fan so it wud be nice to hear what
you think of them in comparison to the my new irons

Tom Tiger says:

are you a pro or do you have a hcp????

ben mckenna says:

any chance of a burner superfast fairway wood video ?

Izmael1310 says:

Its all about the marketing, price and skill level. If you are HCP under 10
go for MC (medium way between MB (musle back) and CB (cavity back) CB is
for the higher HCP (forgiveness) MB is for low HCP (5 to scratch HCP) I
think MB are for very talented players, evne some pros at PGA tour use the
MC version…

mcgroogtube says:

Great vid, im lookin at the MC’S, and one question, why do u always put
that silver sleeve type thing on ur irons??

Ben Ellis says:

@Sheagrommit mbs

Mathias Labonte says:

Hey Mark

Austin villegasre says:

Want to get the MC, look great

Tom Tiger says:

@manvesh97 oke thank you!

mcgroogtube says:

@MatEtek2 YES!! also like those!

jake Stevens says:

what would you rrecomend? i am a 11 handicap

Lloyd D says:

Hi I’ve tested all 3 of these clubs the other day and found that the cb has
the lighter xp shaft fitted for more flight very similar to the burner2.0
in performance. The mb & mc are almost the same performance but the mc will
give you that little bit extra forgiveness. I own the mc and there good.

LukeyX Hendricks says:

Get the MC or MB

Alex Tamayo says:

Can you do the Nike VR Pro vs. the TaylorMade TP MB? please

Jon Compton says:

i just was fit with the MC irons and i really like the results so for. I
haven’t put many rounds on them yet but I look forward to doing so.

sully676 says:

i would get something with a smaller cavity, if you get something a little
less forgiving, you will learn to hit it right and improve greatly

TheeFreakiishlyz says:

@Sheagrommit CB 20-15, MC 15-10/singles, MB when your in singles and are
continually providing low scores.


Nice video, as usual. I was trying to decide between MP 53 and AP2, now it
looks like there is a third option. What is your opinion regarding those 3
irons (MP53 – AP2 – TM TP CB) in terms of feeling, trajectory and distance?
Is it more the CB or the MC by TM that falls in the same range as the other
2 irons by Mizuno and titleist?

aboutjab says:

I just got the CBs regular lx and really like them, they have a good feel
to me. They replaced a set of TaylorMade XDs regular flex.

Joey Manzari says:

this dude is so good!

gaffs82 says:

Never been a TM iron fan, but love the look of these. Going to test the CBs
and MCs against the S56 and AP2s.

Wert Penzias says:

hi mark, have been waiting for your first test of the TM cb mc and mb
irons. Could you also do some measuring with Trackman of the 3 irons?

Sheagrommit says:

I’m a 12 handicap which one of these three clubs would be the best for me

srolph21 says:

Please help. I am currently looking to upgrade from my Ping Eye 2 irons and
am looking at some older Mizunos to fit my budget. I seem to be stuck at a
10 handicap. I recently tried the MX-23 irons and loved them. Could someone
please tell me how the MX-25 irons compare to the MX-23 irons? Which might
be better for my game? Thanks

LukeyX Hendricks says:


AOFwingedbeavers says:

@acdcfan113 in what way???

imjrex says:

@golum1197 In my opinion I believe you should probably go with the cb’s

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