TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Irons

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TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. mark hits the bladed golf club from TaylorMade golf. The MB irons feature forged heads and thin lines with their tour preferred product. See if this golf club could help you hit more targets and lower your golf scores.


Christian Vargas says:

Thanks for the review and feedback, would it be possible if you did a
review on the apex mb iron for 2014? I think it looks really good…

stfn00 says:

Long time follower here Mark, and thought I had a question/point that
refers to a company i haven’t heard you talk much about- BRIDGESTONE !

I am currently playing a set of j36 (pocket cavity), which i put in the bag
after about a month of using the Callaway razr x (FULL cavity backs). I
think I would really struggle to go back to the chunkier irons now.

Could you maybe review the current model Bridgestone J40’s? Would love to
hear what you would have to say! Not to mention Bridgestone hasnt gotten
much love on your channel !!

Love your work (and job), KEEP IT UP !!

(From Melbourne, Australia)

theMANxGOLFER says:

When it comes to blades the review really has to be detailed to
differentiate between them. Mizuno talks about their newer sole grinds
improving turf interaction. Club head weight is also a key difference as
well as material. Mark’s reviews center more on opinion and looks when it
comes to these clubs. Generally he is correct when he says the sweet spot
is smaller. The launch tends to be lower than GI irons made to get the ball
in the air. I’ve also noticed stock loft options on newer models more in
the 45-46 degree range with PW where older models are 48 degrees. Blade
length and the muscle design dictate the CG location. With lighter heads
weight plugs are added to bring up the swing weight, but this also moves
the CG closer to the hosel (heel). Differences this small require measuring
equipment because testing them would require robotic swing equipment that
exceeds any reviewer’s budget. Thanks to Mark for posting some pretty eye
candy and sharing his thoughts.

dhsieh911018 says:

review the sldr irons!

ugen dorji says:

Hello mark i was wondering i shoot around 5 to 8 per round and im a pretty
good ball striker but i have the casual pull and push do you think these
blades would be suitable for my handicap and game thanks +Mark Crossfield 

chamilitary999 says:

below 4000 rpm with 22° LA witha 5 iron , you call that high spin ???


interesting, I often hear Justin Rose talking about spin and he wants to
see the number on the club equal to spin. So 7 iron 7000 spin. 4 iron
4000 spin. And so on. So compared to yours that is a massiv change in

Clay Fleming says:

Purely on looks I think the Wilson FG Tour blades are the best looking.
Obviously this is subjective, just my opinion.

james eadie says:

Yes great video, but why use crap balls . . doesn’t do the clubs any
justice or the video or the read out. . STOP USING Range Balls. . So no
point at looking at numbers 

Anders Pedersen says:

Whats in your bag atm Mark ? plz do a “What in my bag Mark Crossfield” :-D

ewan preedit says:

Mark what irons do you play now??????????

wtmk81 says:

Interesting that peak was nearly the same for both clubs. 

Wz Tr says:

The 2011 TM MB was my fav club of all oems, obviously not including Miura.
Shame they dont offer LH for this model, a bit disappointing. 

JJ The Gamer says:

Can anyone explain the audio system mark uses for these videos?

AP Merry says:

What’s happened to the weekly fix?

tinytim progolf says:

Wow, your 8iron really goes up in the air :-)

kyle sawyer says:

What do the blades offer over cavity backs?

Jjai Fernando says:

Could you PPPLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE do a review of the SLDR irons, i’ve been
looking at them and i would really love your thoughts (as would loads of
other people) thanks

Strat TelePaul says:

Bladed irons sure have changed since the 80’s. The new ones are not even
close to being as good as the old ones such as Wilson Staff, Hogan Apex, or
the old MacGregors. The main thing is the newer heads are lighter for cost
shaving purposes, and thus have a harsher feel to them. Even the new
Mizunos do not feel as good as the old ones.

John Clausen says:

Do you plan on doing a video comparing the SLDR 460 to the SLDR 430? I’d be
interested to see if the smaller head affects the ball in any way other
than workability (which is obviously something that can’t be measured)

itubeutude says:

Are there many guys on tour with full blade iron set?

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