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Rick Shiels PGA Golf Coach is testing the new TAYLORMADE TOUR PREFERRED MC IRONS with the latest GC2 launch monitor. See how the new offering from TaylorMade matches up against the brutal testing.


Ben Crawford [golf shots] says:

i play of 8, do u think these irons will suit me 

Jonathan Steinmann says:

The irons with the speed pocket are cast. The shorter irons are forged.
They’ve managed to get both irons to feel the same, like a forged club.

Wz Tr says:

i think the MB 7 iron is 35 dgrees not 32.

JC D says:

Deciding between these (MC’s) and the Titleist 714 CB’s…hard
decision…these MC’s look very nice but never been a big taylormade fan

MacClellandMan says:

Hit the Tour Preferred MB today. I am looking forward to watching your
review- when it posts.?

倪舒扬 says:

Hi Rick. thanks for the review. are this iron forged or cast? 

MrJdk720 says:

how is the feedback of the club can you tell on heel and toe mishits

dannyuk37 says:

Rick , thanks for the review. But not one view of the club as the golfer
sees it at address ? Whats the point in doing all that without such a
viewpoint in the video?
Anyway, thanks for all your stuff you do for free.

James Simpson says:

Great review Rick! Would it be possible to do a comparison between the
Taylormade tour preferred CB and MC? Or what would be your opinion, if
looking at a 5-15 handicap but I’m 17, and will be playing more golf
frequently soon. What would be the main reason difference in clubs? What
would you recommend? Appreciate it 🙂 

Henry Salvo says:

Rick, great review as always. Please consider comparing MC with Adams XTD
(owned by TM) which, unlike MC are forged thru all the irons. Hank

golfninja says:

GC2 is a great bit of kit, use it myself, have you got the HMT addition as
well? as this gives you great additional information by looking at the ball
on the face at impact etc. Extra loft on the TP MC irons, given TM research
on higher launch angles combined with lower spin rates producing, they say,
longer carry, perhaps not such a surprise. Though if it gave very high
flight and peak heights with the irons that would begin to worry me, much
rather have a penetrating flight to peak and descent on my irons, gives you
more chance of variation in different weather conditions, after all if you
want a higher flight you can always club longer and open the face a little
and allow for a fade.

Jay Webb says:

Yes the cb is the most forgiving the mc is in the middle and mb is the
least forgiving

Martin Williams says:

Happy New Year Rick. Great video. Could you do a video or let your
followers know what you see as this clubs rivals. Ie Callaway X hot pro
irons, Titelist 714 AP2 etc and compare against each other?


lethomadness says:

mmhm im happy with my titleist MB’s

MacClellandMan says:


I enjoy your product reviews.

Don’t you bag Ping S55 irons? You noted that TM MC was longer than what you
are currently using. TM MC’s 7i has 1* more loft than the same Ping iron:
TM 34* vs. Ping 33* both with the same shaft length. Is the speed pocket
working because it does not seem de-lofting is the answer?

patrick C says:

One Point, followed by one question:

1: Your swing speed with irons looks insanely fast, perhaps it’s the camera
/ YouTube, but it’s rappiiid looking. I’d like to see this hit at amateur
speeds off turf.
2. TM flights and this whole loft up guff has me concerned, I’d like to see
how a round fairs out on a links in howling wind: how easy is it to keep
these low, work the ball, chase it in etc. I don’t know how there is a need
for more carry, I’d be a loft strong advocate, if you can hit a 7 iron
155-165y there’s never gonna but much run out if that’s all carry, for most
players, who rant playing Stimp rated greens I don’t see an issue, just
carry to the flag and expect a few yards run out unless you thing it.

I’m sceptical about “forgiveness” and distance, the whole marketing of
“Tour Preferred” if shit talk badge of honour branding. Call me a c**t but
try and improve your game with less forgiving irons, you’ll soon know if
you’re going to make single digits in HC, or at least work for it –
Lucozade sport never made me a Gerard, water helped keep me from collapsing
and headaches.

daleswede says:

Another great video review !!

TopGolfVideos says:

is this iron more forgiving that the MB and less forgiving than the CB? Or
is this the most forgiving out of the 3 models? Please somebody tell me! :)

10jonesgg1 says:

in the cb video.. you keep calling the other irons you tested mb when they
were the mc… and in this mc video.. you keep calling the other irons you
tested mb when they were cb… how fucking hard is it to get the names
right?? probably mislead many people. you also started by saying the loft
was 32 and then 34 maybe a little more preparation

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