TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Irons

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TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Watch as Mark hits the Tour Preferred irons from TaylorMade golf and talks launch angles, spin and distance. These are the better player golf clubs used by some of the best golfers in the world.


Tate Nettestad says:

You said in the video that Taylormade isn’t the first company you would go
to for that type of iron. My question is: which company do you find makes
the best irons for people that are ready to sway away from the big chunky
cavity-back irons?´╗┐

Nick Hough says:

MC? What about MP, Mr Parfield? ­čÖé
Didn’t they bring that wedge range out a few years back??

Realism as ever MC with comments re the ‘speed pocket’ hype put into
perspective. Interesting point about your strike patterns. Wouldn’t
Buzman benefit from Super Oversized Cavity backs then?? Less Sploosh more
Whoosh!! ;)´╗┐

TheSagemeister says:

Steffan Rakoll youtube subscribers = 0, Mark Crossfield youtube subscribers
108K mmmmmmmmm´╗┐

steffen rakoll says:

you strike so poor balls, i feel almost sad for you ­čÖü
your balls are going up in the air and fly. thats it. you should improve
that, then you can discuss numbers, when you are generating a straight
forward going penetrating ballflight, which launches like a rocket and
spins up in the air. with doing that, youll also carry them further…´╗┐

Oliver Sandberg says:

You forgot let get stuck in!!!!´╗┐

Chad Nahale says:

Hey Mark,
Im really interested in your spin numbers. Your spin is really low where as
mine are really quite high. Can you talk about aoa and dynamic loft as it
relates to me trying to decrease my spin with my irons? Love your videos
keep it up.

Strat TelePaul says:

As I said before, these are TM’s best irons IMO. Whether its the Speed
Pocket or not, they are pretty consistent on off center hits. You just need
to test them.

Having said that, I went with the Titleist 714 AP2. Just performed better
for me overall. And they feel soft as butter, even with X100 shafts. Best
iron on the market IMO. Titleist should definitely stop tweaking because
they have found “it”.´╗┐

Simon Ho says:

Taylormade Mark Crossfield irons lol! Tp irons aren’t me, I like
forgiveness with an iron. ´╗┐

Andrew Rivera says:

Great vid Mark! Although these irons aren’t as pretty as say Mizunos, I was
still impressed TM made a decent looking set.´╗┐

SuperMozzman says:

Hi Mark

I have a question for you. I always thought all clubs should hit the same
height, only the distance they travel should differ. I see from your data
there is a 5 to 6 yard difference in height between your 5 and 8 iron
shots, although the distances are good. Should we amateurs be concerned
with hitting our irons the same height as well as the correct length?

Feel free to ignore if its a daft question


Jordon Dyer says:

Taylormade must love you guys naming all their clubs after yous they’ve
just brought out the tour preferred Matt Blockeys as well ´╗┐

Chris Walsh says:

Which iron do you prefer aesthetically?´╗┐

Larrydog949 says:

Mark always good. When will we see your review of SLDR irons?´╗┐

Rhod J says:

Mark Crossfield word of the week, ‘ilk’ haha´╗┐

Roknica says:

What irons would you recommend to a new player who doesn’t want to spend
more than £350 but is looking for a set they can progress their game with
and develop as a player ´╗┐

jkee1718 says:

With testing so many different brands of clubs what do you look for in a
club that makes you say “this is going in the bag” is it feel, distance, or
aesthetics. Great vid keep em coming love your honesty´╗┐

Mahavishnu80 says:

i strike so poor balls too yes.´╗┐

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