TaylorMade Tour Pros Test SLDR 3-Wood

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Christian Acero says:

it’s funny cause if you watch the rocketballz video justin hits it 284
carry and gets 164 ball speed…. very true advertising here taylormade as

Simon Hjelm says:

Why R1 shaft on Garcias?

mjdailey87 says:

Taylormade is realizing the face on the RBZ fairways sucked. It made it
hard for guys to get the ball up. I switched to an Adams just because of
it. I hit the Adams about 260. I got 10 or 20 more yards with the RBZ, but
I didn’t know if it was going high, low, left or right. The Adams, I know
where its going. This SLDR looks more low profile, which is what people
seem to prefer as far as woods go. 

hardcoremofo says:

everything’s nice if you can swing like that. Duh!

yubin83 says:

So many ignorant ppl out there. Sure taylormade may go crazy with the
marketing but pros still use their clubs for a reason. They don’t use them
just because of money. They actually like the club. I myself am a titleist
fan, but really when I hit callaway or even taylormade. There’s not much to
it guys

Dean Potter says:

There is a major flaw with this concept of first time hitting these clubs.

If you look at the shaft closeup’s they are all using different custom
shafts but have never hit it before. How would they have a preference for a
shaft if they never tested it.

NikHubbardGolf says:

Check out what’s in my bag on my channel!

Matthew Brandl says:

Whats great with 250 carry .

ImfamousHunter says:

0:28 uhmmm….????

callahangolf1 says:

that one launched like it was off the tee but at 1:20 theres a tee in the

GENO Dboy says:

realy guys i hit a tour edge beta 16.5 255 why is this great 

motorcitycobra2009 says:

The manipulation of a gullible public that this company employs is

FlightScope says:

Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose & Martin Laird tested the new TaylorMade
SLDR3-Wood on the FlightScope X2!

Puregolf2000 says:

When does it come out

Antony Gwynne says:

Can’t wait to swop my r11 3 wood for this!!! When does it come out in the

Rob Logan says:

I used to use an R11 until my friend sold me his R1. Love this driver! He
told me a friend got him a free SLDR and he hates it. Everyone’s got their
preferences. I’ve always loved Taylormade drivers.

cubsrock10997 says:

because the r1 sucked and felt terrible when you hit it

Lachlan Mcdougall says:

Because the r1 is dog shit and they didn’t want to make two shit golf clubs

Sammy Wilson says:

y didnt they make a r1 3 wood

Ben Kisla says:

My friend got his hand on one of these cuz his uncle works with taylormade.
This three wood is one of the best I personally think.

TheGolfer231 says:

does taylormade pay for the acting classes their pros must take?

Mark Peterson says:

They didn’t need to with the popularity of RBZ and RBZ Tour. Original and
or Stage 2. No need for it when this was in the pipe.

Jourdan Calhoun says:

Would you expect less of a response from these Taylormade sponsored pro’s?

Paul Carlyle says:

would love this 3 wood got rocketballz first one came out not stage 2 so
would like this 3 wood and couple hybrids

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