TaylorMade Tour Staff Test SLDR Mini Driver

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notformebeaky says:

I’m looking forward to trying this. If it’s anything as good as my TM RBZ 3
wood in terms of accuracy and if it goes a little further in 12 deg mode
then it’s going to a great club for a lot of decent players.
I’d happily sacrifice a few yards for hitting more fairways. 

Martin Jobst says:

I have the 14 deg in my bag now for about 1 month and it really is easier
to hit from the tee and from the fairway still manageable. Due to the
shorter shaft, bigger head and higher loft for me more forgiving and more
consistent. I just hit more fairways and compared to any driver i was using
about 20-30 feet shorter. In the end it gives me more fairways with
acceptable loss of length. I am happy. But i guess everyone has to find the
right club of the tee for his very personal game anyway. 

mjdailey87 says:

Taylormade is all about technology! They have went back in time to when
250cc heads were common to bring you this awesome driver-fairwaywood thingy
that can hit the ball as far as your 20 year old burner from 1994! 

dakota jones says:

Don’t understand this concept for most golfers what they need is a hot
melted driver 460 uber forgiving driver that still maintains a traditional
swing weight at about 43″.

Randy Cole says:

Yes, 3 woods are more accurate and easier to hit. I never understood the
over size driver, I have a R11s and can’t hit it, the biggest waste of $450
I’ve ever spent! Now I’m using a Rocketbalz Stage2 3 wood off the tee which
goes just as far and much straighter. I just wonder why they don’t offer
the same club with the speed pocket in a lower, like 11 or 12 degree loft?
Are the BIG drivers fading out? Sounds like it!

Steve Pete says:

Who cares how Boo talks or doesn’t talk? That swing is money. One of the
best ball strikers on tour. Perfect divots. Santa, you know what I want for
Christmas in two years? The mini driver. This club will be in my price
range of $100 in approx two years. worth the wait. 

TheGolfer231 says:

can someone translate boo’s comments for me lol

Luke Day says:

Tour staff test sldr mini or Boo Weekly tests sldr mini?

3101max says:

Well, they asked their A-list pro’s to comment. Weekly talks like a redneck
and noone understands him

onerugrat says:

so is this club supposed to replace a driver or a 3 wood? or does it depend
on the player?

Martin Fern Picard says:

The new SLDR MINI comparable to a 3 wood …

Chris Walsh says:


cwugrad396 says:

My driver has been inconsistent of late. In the past I benched a driver and
used a strong 3 wood with good success. Didn’t give up too much distance
and was much more accurate. So when I saw TaylorMade created this club I
thought I would give it a try even though I have not had a TaylorMade club
in my bag for 12 years. I bought the 14 degree club after going to my local
store and working with one of the teaching pros to get fit. Today I went
out and played 18. My driver stayed home and this club went in the bag. I
shot my best round in 5 years!!!! All because I was in the short stuff for
most of the round. What I love about this club is that (1) it was as long
for me as my driver and occasionally longer (2) it was easier to hit than
my driver … probably bc of the shorter shaft (3) gone is my traditional
fade. Either I hit this bad boy straight or with a perfect draw [my buddy
called my ball flight beautiful and all the credit goes to the club] and
was in the fairway most of the time. When I wasn’t I was still playable bc
the tee shots were not that far from the fairway (4) I love the color
and aesthetics of the club (5) the logo is perfectly placed on the crown of
the club to help you align with the ball when setting up off the tee. I
have not hit this club off the deck. I doubt I ever will. I have a 4 wood I
play. If that club is too short then I am laying up. However, if you are
struggling off the tee with a driver and want an alternative then look no
further. This is your club!! Other strong 3 woods (I looked at all other
brands) have much more shallow faces which didn’t really inspire any
confidence for me. Nor did I hit them as well.

葉臻興 says:

Great, I must get one …

mastertj123 says:

17 yards longer than your 3 wood

MD Lopez says:

Got one today. Launch Monitor had me hitting the 14 degree 270 (105 mph)
versus 260 with my R11 3 wood set standard. R1 TP Driver at 10.5 goes
285-300. 16 degree went way too high for me. Way more consistent than the 3
wood as well, The confidence of having the deeper face and teeing it up a
bit higher than my regular 3 wood is a big plus. I cant remember the last
time i hit 3 wood from the fairway, and often need something a bit less
than driver..so this club seems a perfect fit!

bebo7002 says:

i still camt believe how people still fall for taylormades bullshit

clonewars22 says:

“Exactly what the players want?” That’s bullshit! A ” mini driver” is a
complete joke. Only a moron would buy that. Nice try Taylormade. Lol

Mauricio catón artabe says:

this is pussy 

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