TaylorMade TP Aero Burner HL Fairway

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TaylorMade TP Aero Burner HL Fairway reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the higher lofted Aero Burner 3 wood and talks about its launch, spin and distance while at the same time talks about who might get the most from such a golf club.

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Vici Martynov says:

Really this club makes the case for my previous criticism, this is a nice 3
wood, the other one was a failed mini-driver. What use is a fairway wood
that you cant hit off the deck? I wonder a lot about TaylorMade, they make
some great clubs but some of their ideas seem a bit wacky. Still, they
provide some nice variety. You might not touch half their products with a
barge pole but you can still fill a good bag from the other half ;-)

Darrell Williams says:

I play the old TM Burner 2.0 white head FW 4 wood in 16.5 loft and hit it
210-220 off the deck 230-240 off tee . I wonder if the AeroBurner TP 16.5
will out perform my 2.0 ??? 

Leftienige Blank says:

Mark, it’s a 4-wood !! Callaway have made them for ages , at 17 degrees , I
defy anybody to spot half a degree difference with a protractor .
Just go and buy a 2nd-hand 4-wood for 25% of the price , cover the number
on the sole with electrical insulting tape , and Bob’s your uncle . 

speterj says:

The club is $299 which is too much. Also the TP version has a heavier
shaft, smaller club head by 9cc,different lie angle then the regular
version and heavier swing weight but the same shaft length verses the
regular model. 

Josh Cloyd says:

I want this 3 wood in 8 degrees and a 46 inch shaft. After seeing Mark
hit the 15* 290, I would not mind that at all.

27G27G27 says:

Just ordered that sweatshirt. You can keep the club.

rosenlefty12 says:

what does HL stand for?

Syd Nichols says:

Mark, is the fin actually a structural requirement rather than aesthetic

maxxc4thewin says:

So is this going in the bag Mark? I hit it yesterday and my avg carry was
235 and I think this club is going knock out my 3 and 5 woods, that I’ve
had in the bag for years and swore up and down that they’re not leaving
anytime soon.

whogg0521 says:

I found the same thing with the Rocketballs stage 2 HL 3 wood. Launches
high and seems to go forever. Oh, btw, you can find them for under $70

Jack Bowers Golf TV says:

love all taylormade woods they have been a top end wood for the last few
years and from this it is showing that they have made yet another great
fairway wood. they must of been drinking red bull when designing this club
as red bull give you WINGS. you cant beat some wings

Chris Greenwood says:

TM praise through gritted teeth….love the internal conflict played out on
You Tube. thank you Mark for the review. this does look like a versatile
club that could replace my hard to launch 3 wood and driving iron. looking
forward to giving it a hit

PabloShmablo says:

+Mark Crossfield No wonder the ball’s soaring nicely with this 3 wood —
the club has wings!

ne494rc says:

TaylorMade marketing at its best, they have removed the stigma of the “4
wood” and just re-badged it as a HL 3 wood

Strat TelePaul says:

I refuse to pay extra for a correct face angle.

Abritinva Abritinva says:

Interesting. Some great numbers there Mark. Look forward to seeing it in
action on you ‘vlogs’.

Doug Luettke says:

better picture now.

alan moore says:

another little temptress

Rat454 says:

haha the wing

Doug Luettke says:

whats with the picture

_.libbaayy._ says:

Hi Mark always good as usual i use the HL jetspeed fairways 3 and 5 would
def recommend HL great ball flight. Any new playing lessons coming soon ?
love em.

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