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Mark Crossfield spends the day with the Tp Collection putters and puts them to the test. Its a busy day with a drive to London and back but he still finds time to review these Red putters from Taylormade. See what the TP collection could do for your golf game and if these are the answers to holing more putts and lowering your golf scores.

Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here https://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

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Adam Flynn says:

My putter is 15 years old….i discovered bettinardi back then…found a model i liked (an anser style model) and its stayed in the bag since.
I wouldn't believe TM tech speak if they told me my dad had a di*k.

Søren Nørgaard Lund says:

It's been four months. I haven't found any putter comfortable yet so I'm still looking for the one that I'm going to use for the rest of my life.

Tony Westwell says:

Not changed putter style ever. Need a putter fitting I think

Ulrich Neissl says:

Changed like 3 months ago..had a putter fitting. Best idea ever!

jbss7382 says:

+Mark Crossfield,
I have an original TaylorMade Nubbins. New grip recently(sure stroke), but other than that er, no change. People keep ask me to sell it to them? No chance. But got a Wilson putter free as a 10 year loyalty employment gift. Result.

Michael Fields says:

Had a play with the spider tour earlier today and the looks are certainly striking with the red. Definitely the most stable putter I've ever held in my hands totally enjoyable. Would love to invest without breaking my bank account on a putter. Great putter with a price tag.

Lena Pauwels says:

Candidate plead zone ball present conservative brain confident furthermore.

Mark Scott says:

Further left than Ken Livingstone with the TP collection, brah.

Josh Oros says:

Haven't changed since college play, classic ping pal g2, kinda looks like a Scotty Cameron, always loved the look and I putt very well with it so I never saw the need to change. Great feels with it and confidence. Great videos, keep them coming mate!

Paul Snashall says:

I love the look of the Red putter, I am in the market to buy a new putter and these Taylormade are definitely in the mix. I currently have own a Odyssey Backstryke which I would welcome you’re opinion on a replacement for this please.

Broady 43 says:

New putter 3 weeks ago.Went to Snainton golf and hit every putter 3 times(about 40 putters)narrowed it down to 3 then took them outside to the putting green.Ended up choosing a Wilson Staff putter which works for me so well.A lot cheaper than my Scotty Cameron which it has replaced.

Alex Ford says:

Just changed from the Odessey O Works 1W to the Scotty Select M2. Amazing the difference in feel and how i now have a putter that suits my putting action

Giebs n Stuff says:

Last summer after a 12 year run.

jkaep says:

Changed my putter back in February of this year

Stephen DiBari says:

Played with a custom Scotty (Newport 2.5 ) for 7 years (2010-2016). This year got custom fit for an evnroll ER2, love it on long putts (more than 10 Ft ) but it feels tinny on thin putts. Looking to get a TM spider black or red next year. The mallet style (higher MOI) will help me on longer putts when it’s harder to hit the sweet spot

Marley_ R6 says:

I changed today! Well, kind of. I have two putters and I often use one for a few months then use the other for a few months. Each putter is at opposite ends of the spectrum. I have a blade anser style putter and a heavy mallet putter. I find that after a few months I get too "mental" with my putting when I get used to a head shape or weight. Switching back and forth after a few months keeps things fresh for me. At least, mentally and visually.

craig Bardsley says:

i last bought a puttervwas about 16 years ago its a fisher hardley ever hear of that brand it was a cheap one im looking at getting a new one when i can afford one

David t says:

Never changed it since I started playing golf. 2 years now.

NWP4440 says:

Last changed about 14 months ago.

Gregg Linnell says:

This weekend as it happens. I was inspired by coach lockeys d works 2 ball. It’s staying in the bag for the time being.

Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino says:

6 years ago. And am not changing it anytime soon!!! Yes Natalie. Brilliant

Matthew Christiansen says:

I had a TM putter a couple years ago, but even though I liked the look and feel of the putter, the paint quality was terrible. The paint would chip off constantly.

Matthew Jones says:

great review, mark. extremely real, raw, and helpful

Martin T says:

Last changed my putter about 5 years ago but changed it three (four if you include going back to my original putter) until I tried the Odyssey DART metal x. Looking at changing the grip as it's worn away now but love the putter and feel confident with it every putt.

Guy Legg says:

I’ve been a putterholic for some years now but recently bought a seemore like Zach Johnson uses and I really enjoy using it and therefore putting again. I find it simple to use when lining up and then I only have to think about pace…with any luck I won’t be tempted by more putters in the coming months and years.

Allan Crowder says:

Yesterday and I may change again today.

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