TaylorMade TP5 v Project (a) v Project (s) | Balls Test | Golf Monthly

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Golf Monthly technical editor Joel Tadman tests and compares three of TaylorMade's ball offerings to determine how the feel and performance differs and the reasons why golfers might choose one over the others.

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Jason Wayne says:

Most reviews don't go into depth and detail like you did.
You also took the time to recommend which ball may help a certain segment of golfers.
You didn't add any unnecessary hoopla,
Nor did you leave out any pertinent details.
Well done Sir.

A Davis says:

I have played all three of these, the tp5 is just amazing for my game with a swing speed of 110+. Until I start to lose them right off the fairway, that's when the price gets me. The project (a) is a good choice just nothing that makes it stand out. The project (s) though wow. For the price $25 I actually got 5 sleeves, 12 white and 3 yellow and they perform very well for not having a urethane cover. With my swing speed I don't mind losing distance as my courses don't work well for long hitters, and I prefer to have a little fun with my pitches to take advantage of the greens slopes.

Robert Ankenbrandt says:

I've gamed both the Tp5 and Project A for the past 2 seasons. From my experiences with driver or metal wood the Tp5 felt longer. With long irons-mid irons the Project A felt longer. With short irons and wedges it depends more on the quality of the strike than the ball. Putter, I can't tell any difference. I've also noticed the Tp5 tends to hold a line better on windy days. Overall both are a great product and at the end of the day it really boils down to how much you wan't to spend.

David Cullen says:

Been played the Project A for a few years now and it's a great horse that a lot of people ignore. I play off 4 and I've similar numbers in swing speed to Joel. I recommend it

That was SAVAGE says:

So a 10 handicaper gives his views on a ball-balls,
?? i can see where that might help people off similar handicaps but what happens for scratch golfers?

alan harris says:

Good video our pro at Weston has a great deal on the prod,a.so I'm of to buy,,, cheers Alan ??

Bandit Baker says:

The price point for Premium golf Balls is ridiculous and cannot be justified, when they cost less than £1 each to produce! For my swing speed I find that soft low compression Balls give me the best overall performance, my preferred ball is either the Vice ProSoft or the Wilson DX2. Both have excellent overall perform, feel lovely and Soft on all types of shots and come in an acceptable £15-£20 per doz Price range.

David Ciccoritti says:

Good review ? Would love to see a comparison of the 4 new Bridgestone balls.

Howie Land says:

Nice test, Joel! I've played the Project (s) for 3 rounds and, so far, I really like the overall performance. I also like the yellow version, which has a matte finish.

Peter Rodriguez says:

Good review. Taylormade has made great strides in the golf ball market. TP5X is a beast on drives

grumpy2159 says:

I’m not prepared to pay more than £30 but want something good around the green. Just trying the Vice golf balls, got good reviews. Been using chrome soft but gone up in price.

jelayne says:

What’s your swing speed?

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