TaylorMade UDI Driving Iron Review

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TaylorMade UDI Driving Iron Review
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre test the latest TaylorMade UDI Driving Iron Review which is being released in 2015!

20 thoughts on “TaylorMade UDI Driving Iron Review

  1. There is a few there Rick that were potentially ‘Out of Bounds’ off the
    tee, 23-44 yards offline, would not be a Club the would exude confidence
    off the tee with those dispersion figures, especially when taking a Driving
    Iron the whole point would be for safety by hitting the fairway with. It’s
    all very well saying that it’s good for being able to hit high and low
    shots, but if they’re that far off line, it’s pretty academic really. Maybe
    a different shaft may help a little, but this would have to have signs of
    better accuracy than it’s showing in it’s current form. Look forward to
    seeing how the DHy stacks up in comparison.

  2. Hey Rick great test on the UDI. I’ve been using Callaway utility driving
    irons for two years and love them!! If you catch these babies correct your
    only a few yards behind your driver? Safer off the tee too! Looking forward
    to seeing you test the new Callaway apex driving iron to see if it’s worth
    changing in 2015??
    Cheers keep the great videos coming!
    Thanks Scott 

  3. Hi Rick, I watch a lot of your videos (because they are good), though this
    club goes along way its doesn’t seem particularly straight? Is it because
    when swinging you are more focused on strike than direction?
    I have the Titleist 712u’s in 3 and 2 and don’t use the 2 iron because I
    cant hit it on the planet yet the 3 is a great club.
    Maybe its a mental thing with me lol 

  4. I’ve only demoed that club off the ground, not yet the tee. It is one of
    the best driving irons if not the best driving iron out there. I have a
    driver, 3 wood, and 18 degree hybrid. This will be substituting with my
    hybrid when its windy and not windy

  5. Would like to see a test against the Ping Rapture DI too. I used to use a
    Ping Zing 1 and 2 Iron so I am interested in this type of club but now tend
    to use a 3 Wood or TM Rescue 16 deg Hybrid as I suffer from short length –
    driver speed 95mph and 200 yds carry. I think these are definitely
    “summer” clubs or Links course clubs, and probably for the better player.
    I tend to strike the ball reasonably well for my handicap but I’d be
    surprised if I bagged one.

  6. Currently selling in the USA. Only with KBS V Tour steel shaft however. I
    read somewhere that in the US there is a graphite shaft option from Oban
    coming but no release date as of yet. 

  7. Ok I’m getting this, I have taylormade rocketbladez tour irons… this will
    fit right in perfectly, even has the speed slot too which I think actually
    helps when I catch it a bit thin.

  8. I play 1979 original ping eyes. I am 15 and they were handed down to me. I
    play the 2 iron in the set and average about 230 carry. I cant hit a hybrid
    if my life depended on it. I am going to buy the nike pro combos and might
    just have to get the 1 and 2 iron in this driving iron model. They look
    amazing. Great review!

  9. Just got this club and I love it! I get good distance off miss hits. The
    hits on the center are bombs. I love that I can work the ball easily. I can
    drill the fairways and not give up much distance. 2 thumbs up!

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