TaylorMade’s Stuff it Like a Pro Giveaway Feat. Dustin Johnson

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Riley Garrett says:

most active I've seen him lol

Javier Calles Roman says:

Classic Dustin

Jeremy Blanda says:

Cool giveaway

kimchicracka says:

This looked like a skit from Tim and Eric

JungleRat Vlogs says:

Rory McElroy is the best player ever!!!! He is the reason I play golf . I'm shooting low 70's and I think that's good but then Rory shoots 60's and I think to myself wooooow!!!!

Daniel Butteriss says:

If Rory could see this comment tell him he is insane and he will get a green jacket and world number 1 taylormade you’re awesome thanks fo the clubs I have

joe gonzalez says:

Doesn’t even put the backpack in the stocking?

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