TaylorMade’s Stuff it Like a Pro Giveaway Feat. Dustin Johnson

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Dustin Johnson guides you through the best TaylorMade Golf stocking stuffer ideas for the holiday season. DJ's list includes hats, gloves, towels, and TP5x golf balls… don’t forget the golf balls.

Enter for your chance to win DJ's featured stocking: taylormadegolf.com/holidaygiveaway.html


Riley Garrett says:

most active I've seen him lol

Javier Calles Roman says:

Classic Dustin

Jeremy Blanda says:

Cool giveaway

kimchicracka says:

This looked like a skit from Tim and Eric

JungleRat Vlogs says:

Rory McElroy is the best player ever!!!! He is the reason I play golf . I'm shooting low 70's and I think that's good but then Rory shoots 60's and I think to myself wooooow!!!!

Daniel Butteriss says:

If Rory could see this comment tell him he is insane and he will get a green jacket and world number 1 taylormade you’re awesome thanks fo the clubs I have

joe gonzalez says:

Doesn’t even put the backpack in the stocking?

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