Taylormade’s Tour Staff custom make Karl’s Driver for the Junior Worlds

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Hack to Scratch golf says:

Meanwhile I’m 13 and hitting only 215 lol. I guess that’s why I’m a fucking 9 handicap

Samuel Jadson says:

No way he was hitting 300+ yards at 13 haha crazy good

bhasfire says:

13 yrs old and 114 mph club head speed i wish i could swing 100

James Lavarra says:

How old is he because he looks like he’s 14 but can hit it 300 yards

J B! says:

This kid smokes a golf ball


i have win 2 world championships in san diego 12 under

Ljmrules TNT says:

The bloody sound of karls shot scares me

N LS says:

Fantastic numbers.. 310yd at his age is monstrous, it is at any age ahah

Connor DeVoe says:

welp now he cant go to college way to go

Kyle Chung says:

what exercises does Karl do to gain so much club head speed?

Cian McFadden says:

Where about in the statues is this???

Robo 22 says:

We have the same swing speed lol

George Schmid says:

"3 Mercedes and a bmw, why would anyone steal ours" ???

Flat Coke says:

Does he get his clubs for free

P32j00a4 says:

Do you think its is stupid for a 7 handicaper to have super nice clubs or should they if they feel right?

Justin Dougherty says:

really big fans of your sons play and his attitude on the course

Matt Sanchez says:

perry is the best!

Logan Edwards says:

You can tell that Karl's learned a lot from gabe from the intro. Haha it's a awesome attitude to have.

Rubén Ordóñez_14 says:

How tall is Karl?

Duncan Pereira says:

Karl I am 13 and not too tall I have always wanted the nice clubs like yours and the only clubs that fit me in a set are like the hp25 which aren't even as close too as nice as those could you tell me how you got such nice clubs btw you are amazing at drives could you share some tips with us thank you

Dean Browne says:

What's your handicap

Rob P. says:

What shaft did he end up going with??

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