Teravista Golf Club: Back Nine

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thinnikorn Channel says:

Good luck for tmr tour Gen

Nicholas Jones says:

You play so well. 234yd left for 2nd shot, and what a lovely shot Gen.

Fashooga says:

In 8:17 your holding your putter has a left hander. When did you change your grip?

Anthony Collins says:

Why no cheers on the second last hole? 🥳🥇

Azammudin Arshad says:

Gen..so jealous watching your vid..Here in Malaysia,still cant golfing..not even for range practice..gosh

Tom Martin-Hall says:

Putting was unreal on this vid

David Gardner says:

Gen "Best of luck and favourable wind for Thursday"

Oceans808 says:

67 like it ain't no thing!!

Earl Blevins says:

You shot 5-under par on your first visit to this course. Very nice!!

nemodetroit says:

Not sure about Texas state law, but most places that post "Golfers responsible for damages" signs are not telling the actual truth. It's typically the other way around – property owners assume the risk for such damage.

Kevin Vasquez says:

Another educational vlog, thanks. Gen, a friend sent me the Tour Striker ball that hangs from the neck. I’m finding it difficult to make a full swing without the ball falling out between my arms, any tips?

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