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Testing the cheapest golf drivers on Amazon and Ebay Ping Driver. Mark Crossfield is spending his own money on golf club testing and testing the cheapest golf driver on amazon and testing the cheapest golf driver on ebay. Ping drivers is where Mark Crossfield continues his search for the best cheapest golf driver. Is the Ping G10 driver one of the best from Ping driver last 5 years or even from Ping drivers last 10 years. Is old v new golf clubs now more important as we do not know where golf stands heading out of the covid-19 pandemic. Golf club testing could be more important than ever for you if you are weighing up the options of old v new golf drivers. Enjoy the video and comment below your thoughts.

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Mark Crossfield says:

Would you game a driver this old?

ROB33GTR says:

Bought my ping G10 new when they came out. Still use it now and love it

Randell Dickerson says:

I just found one at the range. And I was crushing it

Paul Brumleve says:

I have a Ping G10 driver. Great driver. Can you review and test the Ping ISI irons. I still play these irons, and they are great

Per Öberg says:

I’m still gaming G10, looks great, feels great, a bit challenging to shape shots – stays for now

James Barnes says:

My first Ping Driver was G5. Then G10, G30, G, G410. Love them all. Longest ever drive was with G10, interestingly. G410 is easiest to hit.

Chazthefurr says:

Lee Westwood played a G10 driver for years.

tke 241 says:

I only buy used golf clubs. New club prices are absolutely ridiculous. The technology advances simply don't justify the prices and your videos prove that. I bet the major club companies hate your videos. LOL. I just bought a Ping K15 5 wood that I absolutely crush off the tee and the deck. I paid $40 at Edwin Watts in their used club bin. At the same time I found a Cleveland Launcher DST 7 wood in virtually perfect condition for $20. Old man's club? Maybe, but I hit it between 190-205, a mile in the air and a lot more consistently than a 3 or 4 iron. Hell, I'm looking for a decent used 9 wood to replace 4-5 irons. No hybrids for me. I tend to hook them into the next time zone.

Richard Evans says:

Would you believe I just found this video, about 2 hrs after changing the grips on my G10 driver, 3 and 5 woods! Also did my Mizuno 650 – just feel in the mood to swing with some of my older clubs, see if I score any poorer. What's the worst that can happen!!

Eggs Mann says:

I would game the Jag you arr over the Rick.

Francis Kang says:

i had this and the g10 hybrid. the hybrid i gamed for over ten years it was so good.

Tommysparks71 says:

I Still use my G2 Driver Mark 18 years later still very happy with it 🙂

chapman fx says:

Im new to the game and i picked up the 12 degree version, great video thx

Eric says:

Just found these vids today perfect timing for me looking for a driver that isnt too prices for a high handicapper

Harold Sample says:

i still game this excellent driver im 67 yrs young and cant pony up 500 for a new driver to pick up 10 yards ; i have irons to depend on

kyle griffin says:

The Ping g10 was my first driver and it was SO NICE. Unfortunately I had 2 because the hosel was trash, so now I have the same g20 of the past 9 years.

Iain Robertson says:

Test an i15 Mark. I miss mine!

Mr. Walker says:

I've been looking on eBay for a new (to me) driver for the last 3 days. This video convinced me not to spend $250 and to keep my 2008(I think) Nike VR driver.

Beau Allen says:

So after watching this, I bought a ping g15 4wood of eBay. $60 aud delivered. Why not I thought, Haven’t carried a fairway wood in years as It’s the one club I struggled with a two way miss, hard to defend against the unknown…. and now I Think in love. Haven’t hit one off the planet yet. 2020, never stops surprising.

Terry Dinsdale says:

Hi Mark, i got a G10 with a red pro launch shaft in 9 degree at the boot sale for £5. I wont change my driver again, its a keeper.

Vinyl Rules OK says:

I play a Taylor Made Burner from around 2006 and it works perfect for me. I think buying new clubs in the belief that they outperform older clubs is a fallacy. I’d rather take accuracy over extra 10-15 yds off the tee

Den Kelly says:

Just picked up an un-gamed G30 Bubba long in pink off eBay… do I try and game it or keep ‘new’ for years to come?

dsc6072 says:

Had a G15 and replaced with a G30 because of easier customization via shaft replacement. Still going strong.

Aussie Golfer says:

I hated this driver got rid of it

Don C says:

Been playing Ping G5 since 2008. I tried the Ping G410…I do not see much of a difference other than loft angle for G410 is off by a club due to loft changes. I swing driver Ping G5 stiff with 10.5.

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