TGW's 2021 Best Golf Ball Testing

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Remington223 700 says:

Awesome video ?

It's Dawson says:

Kirkland: " am I a joke to you"?

J Wilder says:

I found this useful — just show us the data, with your swing speed as a baseline. Most other ball review videos basically turn into long editorials.

Paul McGee says:

This category is not for me however good or interesting

Joseph Wirtz says:

Another informative video, thank you!

DAMAGE 3 says:

Vice should of been in this test

Seve Sellors says:

Great review.

Randy Clark says:

Great video. Clear data. Well presented. Thanks.

Bob Zielinski says:

Rick Shiels and the guys at TXG just voted this video two thumbs down with an eye roll emoji

ichor20 says:

Don't sleep on the Taylormade Tour Response. Great ball if your looking to step up from thos sub $20 golf balls but can't quite commit to something like a pro v1 or tp5.

Ben Hoganblades says:

Rick is the best at this stuff! Another great video.

Aly's Golf Studio says:

While interesting to see most club golfers including seniors have a swing speed that probably warrants looking at another category of balls more suited to them including from a blue for money perspective eg Bridgestone bRx/brxs, Srixon qstar tour 2, Taylor made tour response, snell mtb/x, oncore elixr etc, and others (vice et al)

Mark Roper says:

Thought you would have an overall winner!

George Pichl says:

Great video, and awesome info! Thanks ?

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