TGW's 2021 Best Golf Ball Testing

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TGW tests the performance of the top tour performance golf balls in the game for 2021. Watch as TGW’s Master Fitter and resident product expert Rick Hatfield takes you inside the numbers. Learn more and see all the results:


Remington223 700 says:

Awesome video 👍

It's Dawson says:

Kirkland: " am I a joke to you"?

J Wilder says:

I found this useful — just show us the data, with your swing speed as a baseline. Most other ball review videos basically turn into long editorials.

Paul McGee says:

This category is not for me however good or interesting

Joseph Wirtz says:

Another informative video, thank you!

DAMAGE 3 says:

Vice should of been in this test

Seve Sellors says:

Great review.

Randy Clark says:

Great video. Clear data. Well presented. Thanks.

Bob Zielinski says:

Rick Shiels and the guys at TXG just voted this video two thumbs down with an eye roll emoji

ichor20 says:

Don't sleep on the Taylormade Tour Response. Great ball if your looking to step up from thos sub $20 golf balls but can't quite commit to something like a pro v1 or tp5.

Ben Hoganblades says:

Rick is the best at this stuff! Another great video.

Aly's Golf Studio says:

While interesting to see most club golfers including seniors have a swing speed that probably warrants looking at another category of balls more suited to them including from a blue for money perspective eg Bridgestone bRx/brxs, Srixon qstar tour 2, Taylor made tour response, snell mtb/x, oncore elixr etc, and others (vice et al)

Mark Roper says:

Thought you would have an overall winner!

George Pichl says:

Great video, and awesome info! Thanks 🙏

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