That unbelievable Tiger Woods' fairway bunker shot | WGC Mexico 2019

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In the second round of the 2019 World Golf Championships-Mexico Championship, Tiger Woods hits his 132-yard bunker shot on the par-4 9th hole to 11 feet then two putts for par.


The World Golf Championships – Mexico Championship returns to Chapultepec Golf Course. Phil Mickelson defends his title in Mexico City against the likes of Webb Simpson, Patrick Reed and Francesco Molinari. In 2018, Mickelson beat Justin Thomas in a playoff to end the longest win drought of his career.

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United Drone says:

Hurt my back just watching that

YH says:

Zeus himself would have been in awe by that unbelievable shot.

Skyler Acevedo says:

-95% of the comments: Not into golf but find it amazing.
-5% actually into golf and can understand the difficulty of this shot

Paisan Wongkraso says:

Can't stop watching this.

SealAngel says:

If that had gone in?

mutter taro says:


househansa says:

Me: I can do that.
Proctologist: How can i help you sir?

Robert Sparkes says:

Announcers are useless. They have no clue as to what is going on here. ITS WHY I WATCH TV SPORTS WITHOUT THE VOLUME ? Doesn’t make any difference, racing, football, baseball, etc. the announcers are nothing but distracting noise. ?

Ken Call says:

Boss on the links! Power of a ICBM.

Earle Koga says:

What…I did that once..maybe twice…then my mom woke me to get ready for school

Darren Earley says:

This will go down in history….

Shai Hasani says:

This guy. Wow

HokiePitcher22 says:

Im 10 years younger than Tiger and still in decent shape but if I tried to do that follow through after swinging as hard as I can, i would pull every single muscle in my back. Unbelievable

Keith Cope says:

Never fails to amaze

J-Red says:

Even though YouTube recommended this months later. I can appreciate it

Sheldon Ramsell says:

That is such a freakin unbelievable golf shot and I love the commentators reaction after it just about went in the hole

neo the one says:

hes going to go all Arnold plamer on is going to go all tiger woods on you

Lucky Day says:

He is the right man for the game.

fabrizio celli says:


Jawad Raza says:

God of golf

JefenomenoRules says:

Would've loved to see the Protracer on this shot.

Angel Matos says:

The back & forth calculations are on par with a Cray Super Computer ?‍?

wnghks whcho says:

운동을 예술로 ♥

BM Amin says:

Dont you see was a side spin without too much fade !!! In purpose… !!!

Jim Glass says:

The goat??️‍♂️

lappado says:

Did he make the putt?

kguknow says:

Dang classic Tiger.

O. G. says:

Patrick Reed has left the chat.

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