The 14 Club Challenge – Rory McIlroy vs Viktor Hovland

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Close Dubai Desert Classic champions Rory McIlroy and Viktor Hovland go head-to-head in an all-star 14 Club Challenge on the 4th hole at Emirates Golf Club.

A 155-yard par three, a point for every green. However, if one player uses a club then both lose it.

Let’s see who came out on top…


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my_dog_is_my_heart says:

After this Hovland has started to play really bad. Lost all of his confidence here obviously 😂 He rarely misses the cut but managed to make 9 bogeys in 11 holes at the US open. What has happened to him 😖

David Rosenfeld says:

The teed up 3-iron slice/flop was fantastic. Even Viktor is like "this dude is so much more talented than me."

Marcus Nötzel says:

These two guys are so cool and fun to watch!

el060248 says:

Dear Rory,

You are good at golf.

Please win a major.

Best regards,

Marc Rover says:

Rory, I saw that coin flip mate. How long you been practicing that?

Will Lloyd says:

have no idea why these guys weren't a ryder cup pairing

yeah dude says:

Hovland needs to pick up a sun screen endorsement, he's lookin like a lobster out there.

Jackson Lennon says:

4:47 I don't know if i'm just seein things but that looks like a wedge rather than a 5 iron

Gabriel2005_11 / gaming says:

damn, that putter throw was really good after he hit the ball

John Dunleavy says:

Nice to see 2 professional guys in sport having fun and banter with each other as opposed to slagging each other off well done guys great to see 👀

Jamie Roche says:

Narcissist 😂

g halv says:

Rory is always such a good sport in these videos.

John Loyko says:

That 3 iron was ridiculous

brent ayres says:

Rory is usually pretty humble but he’s came off a bit prickish to me here 🤷🏻‍♂️

seeni gzty says:

Don't think Victor minded this loss it's the big trophy everyone's after! Well done Victor! Great video love these

vbddfy euuyt says:

two of the most fun guys on tour. hard not to root for both of them

AndreasTheGolfer says:

What kind is Rorys wrist band??

sehhi vooty says:

I really love Rory’s swing and his attitude on games for long times watching. Now, Viktor is the second man I always follow his tournament

eioshen boboi says:

Definitely two of my favorites. Would love to play a round the golf with these guys.

oiuet souiu says:

I was in a bad mood but you had me laughing out loud Thanks guys

Mark Beattie says:

This just shows how good rory is. Just needs to sort out the bit between the ears when it comes to competing

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