The 148th Open – Round 1 Full Highlights

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— Catch up on all the action from round one of The 148th Open Championship as the sell out crowd enjoyed an enthralling day of golf around the Dunluce Links —

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Neon Kitty says:

Do they always mark birdies with red on the score card? Shouldn’t it be green and bogeys red? Red = Bad

Jaime Cevallos says:

When you show highlights how about showing something other than hole outs and putts

DrMoorehen says:

Go Darren! Well done. You did us proud thursday and friday

Teal Penguin says:

Haha every shot but Rorys was golden and then they just show him shank one

I. Army says:

Those new long irons from TAYLORMADE that Rory put into the bag are now officially DUMPED!!!!

Myles Drye says:

why is it that tour players NEVER have their putts lip out. idk man something fishy. my putts always seem to find a way to miss even if I set it in the dead center of the cup

intelligence wisdom says:

Let's go Lowry! Win for Ireland!

Christopher Harger says:

How about some iron shots. Nearly All putts

Shoah Me The Money says:

The first video in the up next list is Rory Mcilroy how to hit your irons, that's ironic ??️

jimioutback says:

Fans have more etiquette than that caddie at 7:35 waving his umbrella about all over the place when a player is trying to putt

Ralf Parlour says:

Northern Ireland has some of the best fans I've seen in golf, polite yet passionate. Kudos.

Ralf Parlour says:

Some belly on Dazza Clarke

Oscar says:

Does anyone know why people were booing after Beef's putt at 1:04 ?

r Wartenberg says:

Wait where did u get the point that we don't have any DR down in Europe? OFC we do:)

Petter emberson says:

please keep Mr Faldo away from the bbc presenting. leave him in the sky van to ruin their listening.

Shane Jackson says:

A few big names will be struggling to make the cut. And Duvall having a 14!! Amazing. But some real good golf.

Anthony Smith says:

Didn’t realise this years open was a putt putt contest

Michael D Allen says:

c'mon Shaneo Boy !!! Shane Lowry got off to a flier
And of course Brooksy's there again

What a boy !!!!!

Paul Goodier says:

FULL HIGHLIGHTS in under 10 mins ? impressive……not really

SStretch says:

Too many clips of putts, I’d like to see more tee shots or great approach shots

Max Schein says:

Lol love the molinari 2 footer for bogey being part of the highlight video

Connor Faulds says:

Let’s just hope JB Holmes isn’t in the final group Sunday otherwise we’ll be waiting 6 hours for him to finish

The Bambino says:

Yeah I've been telling all you WOODS LOVING LOSERS since he came back that it was only a MATTER OF TIME until his back went out again and now THE TIME HAS COME THANKFULLY !! The sooner we're RID of that LYING, CHEATING PIECE OF SHIT the better !!

Ace Golfman says:

You sure D.Clark is under 60?

Andrew Linch says:

Okay I am putting my money on Sergio Garcia, good first round he is long and can hit fairways and is in my humble opinion one of the best iron players in the world, Okay his putting is his Achilles heel but a half decent week on the greens and its Sergio's for the taking , time will tell LOL.

Brad Cater says:

Putt after putt after putt………

hicks727 says:

clouds rain jacket long sleeves. next hole sun short sleeves

madhav arora says:

Do you think rory and tiger going home?

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