THE 2 GOLF SWING KEYS I Wish I Knew this When I Started Playing Golf

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TWO simple points that the whole golf swing works around, SIMPLE way to greater consistency with your DRIVER and IRONS.

I really wish i knew this tip when i started playing golf, it would of stoped those bad shots that slice and those shots that hook to out on the golf course. These TWO golf swing tips are very important and will help you hit the golf ball longer and straighter much more often out on the golf course. Lets get you hitting thew best shots ever out on the golf course together Alex Elliott Golf PGA golf professional is here to help you smash the golf ball and play that golf you can only imagine playing out on the golf course.

These 2 tips are:

1. concentrating on the importance of set up

2. STRONG club face on the downswing that means you don't have to flip the golf club through impact. NO slice NO hook

If we look at the top 50 golfers in the wold on the PGA and European tour they perform their best when they are SMASHING the golf ball 350 yards down the fairway like Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau and it amazes me how they are able to repeat it. With this tip we can get you hitting the golf ball longer and straighter from the tee more consistently

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Lex Newtho says:

LOL “That was SNORTED!” Love it!!

Paul Lawtey says:

Hi Alex , new subscriber here , loving your content and delivery style plus the fitness sections are particularly helpful to myself as i am hanging on to my game against a battle with Parkinsons disease so fitness and flexibility is a constant fight for me . The main reason for my comment is ,and sorry if already covered ,what are your views on the recent trend for single length irons .

Evan Sine says:

Hey I just tried to get my arm pits over toes in set. And just out with my 56 in back yard . But what I found was better contact and felt like a easier swing. But I almost feel like I am leaning forward on my toes too much

John Clare says:

Due to these golf swing secrets , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it), I was able to find out “hows” and “whys” of a great golf swing and its a variety of aspects. My irons improved 15 yards and my driver raised 25 after I done reading through the tutorial for the second time. My satisfaction of playing golf has doubled and my confidence has improved..

max says:

Just want to say a massive thank you Alex, always played off and on, fair weather golfer, since I've been watching your videos, only been to the range to practice, what a massive difference, changed grip, like in your videos and omg, I can't believe the difference it has made, so much more control and distance, can't wait to get on the course to try it out, thanks Alex??

Luis bronco says:

aloo la verdad excelente video lo disfrute bastante necesito el proximo éxito me despido les mando besis agradecido

Will says:

Okay AE, that is an amazingly strong feel.

Darren Juin says:

Thanks Alex.. by folliwing your drill i improve a lot on my score.. from 116 to 98.. now 86… keep it going mate ???

brendan kenny says:

Short,sweet and to the point!

Pedro Oliveros says:

Very infrequent concepts discussed but likely have significant positive effects. Thanks from central Florida

WisGuy4 says:

Alex, do your tips on where the armpits and hips should hang to be properly balanced apply to women as well? My teenage daughter, who didn’t play much golf for the past two years and has grown 6” in that time, is having issues with her balance.

If you are not really sure and would prefer to defer to a female golf instructor on this issue, that’s fine, just say that, please.

Thank you

gabard jean-paul says:

I DID love this content Bro.!

Stevey 'EAFOS hair goat' Irwin says:

lol this guy looks like a golfer if I ever seen one!

Thomas Davico says:

Can you do this as a left-hander?

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