The 200 Yard Putt

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We challenged some of the best golfers in the world to a closest to the pin challenge, with a difference. Each player had to attempt a tee shot on the 200 yard 17th hole at Castle Stuart Golf Links with a putter.


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Kris Flo says:

Mój trener uderzył putterem 180 metrów xd

Ryan McGillan says:

I tried this once – made par on a 450yd par 4 – bent the shaft on my approach shot from 150 though

999alex9991 says:

did a 260 yards par 4 with a putter

caleb cotter says:

This is not a 200 yard put! It’s driving the ball off the tee with a putter. Lame

James Benton Ticer says:

Too much club! LOL

Simone Saimondek says:

17th hole…4^2 + 1…oke

Floatillyboats says:

Thumbs down!!!

Thomas Bequette says:

Ahh… That’s killed someone down there.

Thomas Bequette says:

That’s a good way to ruin a putter. But it’s the only way I can keep it in the fairway.

Nick Scheidt says:

Jesus loves you

billy fraiser says:

not really a putt if you're TEEING OFF! derp, idiots.

John O'Shaughnessy says:

Driving with a Scotty Cameron putter ?

Juhaliza says:

I tried this a couple of times as a kid on the driving range. Got pretty good distance but sliced it really bad every single time.

Rubin Saffy says:

I did this at the driving range…the end of the putter flew off. I'm an idiot.

Ronald Baker says:

There's no laughing in golf! Glad to see they were having fun.

Jim Watson says:

Some of the Goat Tracks I have played, this is Commonplace!

sabre22b says:

Two things. Wtf are they wearing. Also..this highlights the gulf between us mere mortals and this lot. Truly amazing. The trousers are still criminal.

Max Bowen says:

That was something that happened

Jack’s Motovlogs says:

Mate I wouldn’t treat my scotty like that

M1tch M4c says:

Anyone else just think about the damage to those scottys because they are milled faces meaning if they are hit hard enough they will change the actually angle of the club due to the softness of the metal

Grover C says:

It's NOT a putt if they're using a tee. This is stupid!

Colinio says:

Putt for show, drive for dough?

sugma says:

you should make a drunk golf video

TeamUSASportsFan says:

Try driving a ten-iron two hundred yards.

Ron Globe says:

Yea, the best golf click bait ever…lol…DUH!!!….it's playing a hole with a putter!…next time, do a challenge on a St. Andrews "GREEN"… 200+ feet, to PUTT!

ChiCubs 2k15 says:

Who else thought they were just gonna putt it and have it roll down a hill for 200 yards?

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